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Why 2022 projects will be the best year to sell your home in Boise

The Boise housing market appears to be resembling the stock market lately. However, the Idaho real estate market has not seen a decline or correction. In the past we have shared some reports here and here experts predicting the Boise real estate bubble will burst. The Boise and surrounding real estate market, known as Treasure Valley, continues to attract national television coverage from NBC, ABC and CBS.

The most recent national profile on our area was from CBS News which echoed the story that Boise was America’s most overvalued city. You can read this story here. The past two years have been a historic race in home sales and prices. However, what happens next year? Will house prices finally go down? Will Idaho Buyers Have an Advantage Over Idaho Sellers?

According to, Boise will continue to dominate rising home values. The publication just released its projections for the nation’s major housing markets for 2022. Boise is not the number one market in their projections, but the second behind Salt Lake City, Utah. says Boise can expect 12.9% year-over-year sales growth, 8.55 year-over-year price growth, giving the capital of Idaho a combined increase of 20.8%. SCS picked up the report with the headline “Top housing markets in 2022, think Boise, not New York.”

CBS interviewed a real estate expert to explain Boise’s continued popularity. people for whom these prices may seem like a bargain compared to prices in major cities. And that trend is expected to continue into 2022, said Danielle Hale, chief economist at ‘

The challenge of continued price escalation will exacerbate the lack of affordable housing in Boise. Elected officials promised a solution but failed to come up with one. The legislature has been unable to reform the state’s property tax system, leading to fears that some Idahoans will lose their homes due to increased property taxes.

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