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What is this latest construction in Beachwood?

I was recently heading south on Route 9 from our studios here in downtown Toms River when I came across a section of Route 9 that is being cleaned up in the Beachwood / Pine Beach area.

This work is therefore done on the left, heading south on Route 9, a little near the border of Beachwood Pine Beach. There are several construction vehicles on the site and the trees are cleared and they are removing soil or adding to the area.

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It appears to be quite a large lot, so it could house a large building and / or business. The question is, do we know what this site is going to be? or maybe he is just being cleared to help sell the empty real estate?

We would love to hear your opinion … do you know the answer or do you have a suggestion on what would work perfectly on Highway 9 between Beachwood and Pine Beach? Post your thoughts below ….

In my opinion, I think any “stand-alone” business would be a good idea, I would stay away from a “mall”. We have enough half-empty “malls” along Hwy 9. It seems single-occupancy locations are better for business and especially along the Hwy 9 corridor from Beachwood to Forked River.

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at our last “question” here in Ocean County and maybe we’ll find an answer.

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