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Watkins man found incompetent to face sexual assault charge

ST. CLOUD – A Watkins man accused of sexually assaulting a former classmate has been found mentally incapable of facing the charge.

The alleged assault occurred in August while the woman was in a vehicle with a 22-year-old Fernando Andrews.

The woman said she went hanging out with Andrews, who was a former classmate, but when they started driving he started trying to hold her hand and kiss her. Court records show Andrews parked the car on a dirt road in South Haven, pulled down his shirt, bit his bare chest and put his hand in his pants.

Court records allege that he attempted to lure the woman towards him, but she pulled away and faced the window. Andrews then reportedly urinated on her.

The victim was able to escape and go to a house for help when Andrews pulled up and attempted to sexually assault her again. A woman looked after the victim until the police arrived and took her to the hospital for a sexual assault examination.

The mental fitness test results were released last week and a judge delivered his ruling at a hearing in Stearns County District Court on Wednesday.

Andrews is charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct by force or coercion. The criminal case against him is suspended unless his mental capacity can be restored.

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