SALT LAKE CITY – The state of Utah has joined a lawsuit against the federal government, challenging the Biden administration’s vaccination mandates.

Gov. Spencer Cox and Republican legislative leaders have long threatened their own lawsuit, but were waiting to see whether the Biden administration brought forward a proposed workplace safety rule requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or testing on businesses over 100 employees. The lawsuit they joined on Saturday challenged a separate rule governing federal contractors.

“We need to take a stand for the hard-working Utahns who are forced to either get vaccinated or lose their jobs. The president is making a habit of going beyond the limits of his authority. In doing so, he is exacerbating needlessly stress on the supply chain, damaging the economy, forcing workers to quit their jobs and hurting American families.We cannot stand idly by and allow President Biden and his administration to impose another reckless and illegal executive action, “said the joint statement of Governor Cox, Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson, Attorney General Sean Reyes, Speaker of the Senate J. Stuart Adams, Speaker of the House Brad Wilson, Auditor of the State John Dougall and State Treasurer Marlo M. Oaks.

Utah joins Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina and West Virginia in the litigation.

“The Requesting State of Utah is a sovereign state and has the authority and responsibility to protect its sovereign interests, the public revenue service, and the health, safety and well-being of its citizens. many state entities that are Federal Contractors and, therefore, Utah employs ‘Covered Subcontractor employees and maintains’ Covered Subcontractor workplaces; as defined by the contractor’s mandate, “the lawsuit said.” These contracts are worth millions of dollars, if not more. Utah expects to continue contracts with the government in the future. Utah also has contracts outstanding subject to renewal or exercise of options. The federal government has introduced contract amendments to Utah that incorporate the Contractor’s Mandate. Utah will face irreparable harm if forced to comply.

Utah has taken a nuanced stance on vaccination mandates. While opposing government making COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, Governor Cox and lawmaker leaders did not object to private companies mandating them on their own. Recently, House Speaker Brad Wilson R-Kaysville told FOX 13 the legislature may pursue certain limits on this. Governor Cox has threatened with veto if the legislator forbids private employers to impose the vaccine.

The governor and legislative leaders have continually encouraged people to voluntarily get vaccinated against COVID-19 to pull the state out of the pandemic.

The US Department of Labor is take action against the state for refusing to comply with other COVID-19 emergency rules.

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