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Urban Utah is priceless. His voices deserve to be heard in Congress.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Members of the public react to public comments in House Building, Room 30, November 8, 2021. The public was able to respond to the only public hearing of the Legislature’s Redistribution Committee on Monday. ‘Utah for the map proposals.

When the legislative redistribution committee presented its grotesque map, Rep. Paul Ray pontificated, “Rural Utah is the reason there is food, water and energy in urban areas of the state.

Agriculture makes up only 2% of Utah’s economy. (Utah Department of Agriculture and Food)

Rural areas cannot take credit for the Colorado River, boasting the poisonous coal that uses over 80% of our water while exporting 27% of their hay.

My urban area offers:

• A world-class research university

• Hospitals with the most advanced treatments available

• Eminent medical specialists

• Shelters for the homeless who migrate here to seek help

• Hundreds of millions of tax revenues

• Innovative companies offering jobs to children in rural areas

• Installations of trucks and trains (with their pollution, noise and traffic) to transport rural goods to foreign markets

• Various shopping opportunities

• A symphony orchestra, an extraordinary theater and museums

• Professional basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer teams.

• Professional ballet and modern dance companies

• An international airport

• Jobs for thousands of commuters

• Polluting refineries providing rural energy

• Wasatch Mountain Recreation

• Arenas large enough to attract world famous celebrities

And last but not least, my urban area offers diversity.

It offers neighborhoods where people of all colors, ages, genders, religions, ethnicities, languages, skills, political parties and opinions can find friendship and acceptance.

We offer the diversity and tolerance that rural children cannot find anywhere else. Our voices deserve to be heard in Congress.

Anne Florence, Murray

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