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Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

“It means freedom, man. People don’t tell me what to do. As long as I don’t hurt anyone else, leave me alone. I’m an ex-Marine… I’ve seen people put their lives on the line to defend freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of lifestyle… It (irritates me) to see people wanting remove that. —David Jones, Ogden

“Not so long ago, Independence Day marked the true start of summer. It was a day for swimming, a chance to grill, time to spend with family between work. It only made sense in the time spent with others. But, as I grew up, it became just another day on the calendar. It makes no sense now as a vacation. Like so many others, I feel let down by our country and celebrating patriotism is the last thing on my mind. So for me, with Independence Day, it’s just another day off. — Karleigh Sheehan-Drumm, Salt Lake City

“I think it’s about remembering what independence means to us, what we did to get it and what we can do today to keep it. mind is that I think it’s important to look at the whole story Obviously we celebrate the revolutionary war, which is super important, but I think the freedoms that we’ve won over the years in our own country. You know, women’s rights, all rights, really. It’s important to remember all of that, because that’s what we celebrate with our freedom, not just the fact that we have our own country, because it doesn’t mean much if we ourselves aren’t free…Things are kinda crazy aren’t they now I think people politicize Independence Day too much I think that it should be a day that we come together, and appreciate the freedoms that we have, as I said, and we just get together. I think we should leave politics out of Independence Day, you know, it’s just another holiday. —Nicholas Day, Cedar City

“We are taught in school that independence is our separation from the British and the formation of our own form of government and things like that. You know, maybe we got a little lost, it’s been over 200 years since this separation happened. I went to Washington DC and made connections there, it’s a beautiful place with a lot of history there. Perhaps we are a little disconnected from this era. Now it’s more about fireworks and such, and maybe we should focus a bit more on being connected to that. You know, it’s like it sounds, “in-de-pend-ant” – sometimes having that freedom really gives you the opportunity to celebrate your own freedom and do your own thing, live your life and the freedoms that come with it. ” —Nate Staker, North Ogden

“I have the freedom to do, not everything, but most things. You know, freedom to talk and go out and do things, freedom to get together more and do more things about something when it shows up. It gives society the freedom… For example, the male abortion stuff, if there are people who need to do something like that. … I think little by little, the government sort of takes most of our independence, and I don’t think they realize that because we don’t talk about it. —Emily Valero, Ogden

Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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