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The University of Utah: Build Your Village with Komae

It really takes a village to raise a child, and Komae (Greek for “village”), a company providing an innovative and participatory childcare solution, is bringing that colloquial expression into the 21st century. The University of Utah is partnering with Komae to address relevant issues many may have in ensuring high-quality, affordable care for their children.

Essentially, Komae allows users to interact with other parents and create little “pods” with similar parenting styles and COVID-19 safety practices. They can then provide and receive childcare services, setting dates and times through the app. Komae provides an innovative point redemption system to ensure that the service can essentially remain “free forever” for users. Parents earn and spend “points” for the hours of child care they use. One hour of care given or used is equivalent to one point. A more detailed explanation can be found in the Instruction guide for families.

Through U’s partnership with Komae, parents and families associated with the university can use the ONEU code, which offers a host of benefits to the user. Using the code provides free tickets for parent and family workshops. You might like to attend a seminar on “Escape the Guilt Trap of Working Parents” or bring your child to a workshop, such as “Music Game for Babies and Toddlers”. These and other activities are all provided for free with the use of the ONEU code.

The ONEU code will also allow you to obtain exclusive discounts on points. Parents who need to spend more points than they normally earn must purchase additional points at the rate of $ 15 per point. However, with the discount offered by the university, the additional points cost only $ 1. That’s over 90% off.

The exclusive ONEU code will also guarantee access to the Utah Co-op on the Komae app. Until now, the cooperative has been open to everyone, but from November the ONEU code will be required to access it. Utah Co-op members receive four free points each month, starting in December. This is sufficient for an entire session.

There’s a lot going on with Komae at U. To start, create your account on Komae and join the University of Utah group. And if you haven’t already had the chance, be sure to explore other resources for dependents available to all U employees. For the latest events and how-to guides, visit the resources page at

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