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Rehabilitation of Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah


Sterling construction company won a US $ 40.4 million construction contract for the rehabilitation pavement at Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah. The project is part of Design Pack 20 of the Aerodrome Concrete Paving Assembly of the Salt Lake City International Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program. The Salt Lake City Corporation, through its Department of Airports (SLCDA), has launched the Terminal Redevelopment Program (TRP) to accommodate more passengers and larger aircraft while also serving as a hub for travelers. with improved facilities and options.

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The $ 4.1 billion Salt Lake City International Airport Rehabilitation Initiative in Utah is being developed in stages to ensure that the project’s goal of zero impact for travelers is maintained. Additionally, the Aerodrome Concrete Paving Kit Design Pack 20 includes all airfields and civil construction around the North Concourse East. Other important elements of the project include the ramp and walls of the Midfield vehicle tunnel, destruction of existing traffic lanes and aprons, removal of existing utilities, installation of a water collector rain, water and sewerage, aerodrome signage and lighting, and groups of communication / electricity conduits. The project is expected to begin construction in February 2022. When completed, the airport will accommodate 34 million passengers who will pass through it each year.

“We are delighted to be part of the historic project to rehabilitate the Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah,” said Joseph Cutillo, CEO of Sterling. RLW has made a significant contribution to this project, and this award demonstrates our ability to provide value-added services and solutions to our customers. Our strategic transition from our heavy civilian sector to other delivery aircraft projects is progressing well and will be an important part of our strategy going forward. The Salt Lake City New International Airport project is a prime example of the kind of environmentally conscious public works projects Sterling wants to identify with.

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