SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It’s a desperate call from a grandmother who wants to know where her granddaughter is.

Kandis Harris, 16 years old, disappeared in July and has not heard from since. There are fears that Harris, also known as Brooklyn, may be a victim of human trafficking.

That is why Exit, an advocacy group joined the family to help find her. On Saturday, the organization will sponsor a “Find Kandis” event at Liberty Park.

“We have this radiation Event Saturday (November 6) at Liberty Park at 10 am, ”said Amber Kehl, spokesperson for Exitus. “We ask the community to come and Support family and let Kandis know she’s not forgotten.

Kandis’ grandmother is his legal guardian and remembers that day in July when she disappeared.

“Kandis walked through the fence and left the facility (Odyssey House), ”Said Diane Carpenter. “I have no idea where she left because in her state of mind she was very depressed.”

Kandis was undergoing treatment at Odyssey House. This isn’t the first time she’s been ordered to get help at places like Odyssey House.

“We were told it was a secure facility,” Harrison said.

But it was not. Carpenter later learned that it was not secure and that the staff are not allowed to touch the teenagers who live there. An Odyssey House spokesperson citing the privacy rules would not confirm whether Harris was even at the facility receiving treatment.

Carpenter gathered some of his things, including a notebook with Kandis’ diary in it.

“(She) pretended she really didn’t care if she lived or died,” Carpenter said. “She was in a very low place in her life.”

Her grandmother said Kandis used social media on a daily basis, but since her disappearance she hasn’t posted anything.

“No one has seen or heard of Kandis,” Carpenter said. “She hasn’t shown any activity on any social media account, which means there’s a really big red flag.”

She recently learned that she may have spotted Kandis on July 19, four days after leaving Odyssey House.

As far as she knows, Kandis is still in the area.

“I know she was gone and was on the streets of Salt Lake,” Carpenter said.

Exitus, the human trafficking advocacy group, became involved in mid-August after learning that Kandis could be a victim.

“Since we took on this case in mid-August, we’ve had a few arrests of individuals,” Kehl said. “We believe Kandis is a high risk minor who found herself in a situation where her ability to choose was taken away from her.”

Kehl did not want to explain why the organization believed Kandis was trafficked.

Members of Exitus carried out nightly searches for her and other victims of human trafficking. During a search Thursday night, they came across several men gathered outside a convenience store in Salt Lake City.

“You have a trafficker who brings the girls in,” said a member of the surveillance team. “(He tells them) which one do you want? “

Kandis was not there.

Exitus also posted leaflets look for information on his whereabouts.

The family are also offering a reward of $ 2,000 for his safe return.

Saturday’s event will also include the release of 115 balloons, one for each day she’s gone missing. According to Carpenter, people can sponsor a balloon for $ 10. The money will be used to increase the reward and pay for the flyers.

Just in case Kandis or Brooklyn Harris were within earshot, her grandmother had a message for her.

“Kandis, you can go home,” she said. “We love you, we want you at home. I promise if you get home, we’ll fix this.

A Salt Lake City police spokesperson did not confirm the two arrests made according to Exitus. But the spokesperson said they were actively investigating Kandis’s fate. Anyone with information can contact police.

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