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McMullin, volunteers keep pace busy even on Election Day

SALT LAKE CITY — Even on Election Day, the tight Utah Senate race between Mike Lee and challenger Evan McMullin showed no signs of slowing down.

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On Tuesday, McMullin stopped in Salt Lake County to thank volunteers and persuade undecided voters to vote for him.

“We think it will depend on who votes, so we target voters who we know may not have voted and we reach as many people as possible,” the candidate said.

Election Day is filled with nervousness and excitement for candidates and volunteers. Even after long months of election campaigning, there are still doors to knock on, calls to make and e-mails to send.

“I was surprised at the number [people] answered the phone,” said McMullin campaign volunteer Lesley Christoph. “We had very polite conversations. I have a bunch of people who said they plan to vote.”

Campaign volunteers like Christoph are essential to elections and candidates.

“Democracy is really in a fragile place right now and I felt very strong if I could spend an hour and a half of my day making calls, sending emails and showing my support for a candidate who I think represents really the whole of Utah, I think it’s my civic duty to do that,” she said.

Volunteers are also grateful for the time candidates spend with campaign supporters.

“It’s meaningful for us to connect with the man or woman who potentially represents us in the Senate,” Christoph added.

As the Election Day votes begin to roll in, the volunteers and the candidate himself had a message for voters.

“Any party, it’s not just another kind of midterm phone call, it’s a very important day, so I encourage everyone to stand up for democracy and vote,” said Christoph. .

“I encourage all Utahns, no matter who you vote for, to vote,” McMullin added. “Our system of self-government only works if we take this civic responsibility seriously.”

McMullin’s opponent, Mike Lee, has spent the past few weeks campaigning statewide; however, all attempts to reach out to the senator’s campaign were met with no return.

Mary Cashion

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