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Letters to the Editor, December 23

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Social security equity

Many low-income people struggle to make ends meet. Read carefully and if you agree, let your lawmakers know.

CoLAs are usually implemented when the basic necessities of life have experienced real inflationary pressures, thus reducing the standard of living of workers and management. These pressures affect members of the workforce equally in all areas. Social security, military and civil service cost of living (CoLA) allowances are very similar.

This discussion focuses on the Social Security CoLA. Currently, the prediction is that a COLA is due for Social Security recipients at 5.9%. This equates to an increase of about $ 92 for the average Social Security recipient ($ 1,560). The highest SS benefit ($ 3,895) will receive a huge increase of $ 229. This illustrates the disparity of the current system.

If it is agreed that inflation affects all retirees equally, then it should also be agreed that ALL beneficiaries should receive the same $$ increase.

Richard gilson


Technological priorities

The tech industry is Utah’s fastest growing, highest paying industry and supports our small businesses and economy. Many do not realize the positive impact of our country’s technology companies on small businesses. Today’s retail world is not simple, but rather dynamic, fluid, competitive and full of opportunity. It is essential that our elected officials carefully consider the measures being debated in Congress that would have unintended consequences for Utah’s economy, tech industry and local businesses.

Many small businesses are taking advantage of technology developed by large organizations, selling their products through various methods and platforms offered by companies that compete for business owners as customers. A study published by the Data Catalyst Institute found that 70% of small / medium-sized retailers use a third-party online marketplace to drive sales, and 72% receive almost half of their revenue online. Ultimately, technology is not a threat, but a leading tool for their continued growth. I urge congressional leaders to beware of anti-competition bills that would limit America’s competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Jana Conrad


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