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Intermountain will begin demolishing the Sears building this week

The Sears building collapses.

The longtime anchor in a sea of ​​parking lots is set to be demolished in a secret new development by Intermountain Healthcare, which owns most of the 10-acre block between 700 and 800 South, State and Main streets.

Hospital officials confirmed the impending demolition but declined to provide further details on what is planned to replace the building.

However, a source said Building Salt Lake staff at Intermountain were told late last month that the hospital planned to build a new hospital on the site by 2026.

The hospital would have 280 beds, the source said, which is more than the existing LDS hospital but smaller than Intermountain-Murray and the University of Utah Hospital.

Intermountain officials haven’t confirmed their plans, except to say they want a more central facility.

It seems increasingly likely that the health care provider is planning to replace the LDS hospital in the Avenues with a separate hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Sears building is approximately 112,000 square feet and sits on a 6-acre parcel of land. It’s unclear whether a potential hospital would sit in a sea of ​​parking lots, like Intermountain Hospital in Murray, or continue building the urban core south of downtown.

Past plans

The Colmena Group had planned to develop the site in four phases, starting with the southeast corner of the block facing State and 800 South.

The first building, dubbed the Pier, would have included an 11-story, 131-foot mixed-use building with 300 housing units, 400 parking spaces on four levels, and potentially space for a food co-op.

This would have brought a substantial amount of housing and commercial space to an area adjacent to the city center which has attracted developers in recent years.

But IHC’s email makes it clear that it plans to develop the site into a medical facility.

Intermountain’s Wall said “the location provides convenient access to everyone we serve in the Salt Lake Valley, patients from other parts of Utah and other states.”

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