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If Real Salt Lake moves coaching before seasons end, it has to happen now

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Real Salt Lake are still looking for a full-time manager, and with the current international break, could GM Elliot Fall and Real Salt Lake make an announcement soon?

The short answer is no.

There is nothing concrete to suggest that Real Salt Lake is about to appoint a new director. At halftime of Real Salt Lake‘s final Major League Soccer game against Austin FC, color analyst and former player Brian Dunseth spoke with Fall to discuss the timeline for the coach search. In progress.

“I don’t have a fixed date,” Fall said when Dunseth asked if he had a particular date in mind when the decision needs to be made. “The most important thing is to make the right decision, not to make the quickest decision. When we believe that we have the right decision and we are all firm and we know it is the right decision, we will make that decision, but until this day we have to make sure that we follow the process ”, Fall added.

Currently, Real Salt Lake won’t play another championship game until October 16, when they host Colorado in a hit game that will determine the winner of the Rocky Mountain Cup.

The next big break in the schedule will be at the end of Real Salt Lake’s season, either at the end of the regular season or following a playoff series.

If Real Salt Lake are to make an announcement on a new head coach, that announcement will likely come in the coming days in an effort to give the new manager as much time as possible to best prepare the team for immediate success as they move forward. ‘She continues to fight for a playoff position.

However, given Fall’s demeanor during the interview with Dunseth, there is no indication that a coaching decision will be made anytime soon.

On the contrary, it seems obvious that Real Salt Lake will let the 2021 season unfold with interim manager Pablo Mastroeni at the helm before any final conclusion is reached.

The decision to wait is no surprise. On the contrary, many experts speculate that Mastroeni is one of the first to take the full-time job. Since his arrival in January, Mastroeni has played a central role in galvanizing the group of players.

Moreover, since Mastroeni took over from Freddy Juarez in early July, he has transformed the way Real Salt Lake play and brought the Rio Tinto Stadium back to life on match day.

The future of the head coach job at Real Salt Lake could come down to the immediate success of Mastroeni and Real Salt Lake. If Mastroeni guides Real to a playoff position and then embarks on a post-season run, the provisional tag should be removed.

However, if Real Salt Lake are struggling to qualify for the playoffs or show poor performance early in the playoffs, questions will be asked of Mastroeni and his long-term role with the organization.

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