Sometimes you have to witness something special to truly remember the good of people. We are very lucky here on Jersey Shore to know that we have a disproportionate number of these good people, and the incredible gesture I have witnessed this week absolutely proves it.

I was in a store on Brick Blvd. to The Brick a few days ago to pick up last minute Christmas items with several other people who were doing their shopping at the same time as me.

Among them were a mother and her adorable baby girl, probably 4 years old. Mom was shopping around the same time as I was shopping and we both logged in around the same time, although we were on separate registers.

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When the woman went to pay for her ten items, her credit card was rejected. We’ve all had this moment, and it’s not pleasant. She grabbed a second card, handed it to the cashier, and the same thing happened to that card.

The mother was clearly embarrassed and offered to return the items to her daughter’s gaze. With that, the woman in line behind her attempted to get the cashier’s attention by pointing at herself, gesturing to her that she would pay for the items.

But before the cashier could see her gesture, she asked the mother if she could try the second card again, and when she did, she was accepted. Problem solved.

But all I could think of that day was the nice woman who was ready to save the day, and that warms my heart. By the way, before I left the store (who didn’t want to be named) I told the woman how loving and generous I thought it was.

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

She told me many years ago that someone had helped her and that she was just going to pay the next one. Unsurprisingly, she wouldn’t give his name either. It’s great knowing that the people of Jersey Shore always have a way to support each other, and that’s why we love her so much here.

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