See the fire demon caught on camera in a New Jersey home.

This photo from one of our colleagues at New Jersey 101.5 appears to show a human form covered in flames walking through their backyard.

The photo was taken at 5 a.m. just to capture the sunrise over the Shore neighborhood.

The context of the jump straight to the fire demon is that the house would ALREADY be HAUNTED. There is a report of a portal in the back yard, which allows spirits to enter our world – demonstrated by deer refusing to cross space – and confirmed by a medium.

And our friends say they repeatedly see figures floating around the house, including images of the father’s grandfather and sister who died decades ago at the age of 13.

Attachment-Fire Demon (2)

It’s scary for sure and has always created a conversational buzz around the station.

As a man of faith, I certainly think there are things beyond our observed reality that we will discover after we pass. And we know without a doubt that evil exists and comes in many forms. That said, I’ve always had a hard time believing that ghosts, spirits and demons actually walk among us, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen images that sow doubt.

Do you remember the video screenshots from my friends at Acteon showing clear images of people when no one was present? What about my visit to a hotel in England that locals swear is haunted?

So read the articles, look at the photo – no, it was NOT photoshopped – and let me know if you think it’s a demon haunting the Garden State:

  1. No way, not real.
  2. Yes, and I’m moving now
  3. Yes, but that’s not new
  4. Fire Bill Spadea

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