Kudos to this Ocean County parent who is raising their child for being honest and kind.

Everything has happened to us at one point or another – you park in a crowded parking lot, go shopping, when all of a sudden you come back to a giant scratch on your vehicle. It’s not the end of the world, but it sure doesn’t feel good.

A similar event happened in a local Ocean County Facebook group called Chatter from the canton of Barnegat. A woman walked out to her car so she wouldn’t find another scratch, but a mom and son were waiting for her … read what she said:

I took a quick look at Shoprite in Waretown a bit ago and when I got out there was a woman and a young boy standing next to my Jeep.

As I approached the woman told me that she was waiting for me so that I could jot down her information, she further explained that she did not have any paper to write it down herself or that ‘she would have left the information on my windshield

She then reported a scratch on the back door of my Jeep and said her son opened his car door too fast and too wide and caused the scratch.

She said she couldn’t just leave because she was trying to teach her son how we take responsibility for our actions even when they are accidental.

I thanked her and assured her and her son (who was visibly upset) that the scratch was already there and I hadn’t polished it yet.

I just wanted to share here because it’s a good reminder that there are still a lot of people looking to do the right thing

This is an example of amazing parenting. I want to congratulate this mom for instilling the values ​​of honesty and integrity in her son. I also want to shout the poster to share this.

I feel like the younger generations are badly wrapped up today (my millennial self included), but acts like these remind us that kindness can come from anyone, no matter what your age. . One day, I hope to raise my children with these important values.

I’m glad this story has a happy ending for everyone. It always brightens my day when people share stories like these in our local Facebook groups. Sometimes social media can be used to spread negativity, but a bright spot like this goes a long way.

Let’s continue the acts of kindness, Ocean County. It’s stories like these that make me proud to live here!

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