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  1. Serious and TUV SUD America-tested platform
  2. No subscription-based membership
  3. Represented a wide range of erotic preferences
  4. Many features: mini-games, "Who is looking for me?" and digital gifts
  5. Large advice area "In love things" and glossary
  6. Anonymity thanks to pseudonyms and pseudonyms and a "secret mask" for the profile photo
over 850,000 members On Hush.en both singles and people in a relationship can find a partner for erotic adventures. Because there are mainly many male members here, there is a large selection of potential erotic playmates, especially for women. The Hush.en platform counts itself among the "premium casual dating portals" and sets high standards in terms of quality and reliability.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
7 satisfactory
7.6 "7.6 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
7 satisfactory
8 good
Target group and chances of success
8 good
Customer service
8 good
7 7 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

Hush.en has both a free basic membership and a paid premium membership.

The free version, however, only offers limited functions.

Basic membership benefits

Basic membership includes creating your own profile as well as suitable sex partner suggestions. In addition, the profiles of other users can be viewed and messages can be answered. In addition, the visitors to your own profile page are displayed. As a basic member, the user can also save other members as favorites and see who has added them as favorites.

However, if you want to actively write to other users yourself (and not just reply to messages), you should consider a premium membership.

Premium membership and "credits" services

On Hush.en, the premium functions are paid for with so-called "credits". This means that you only pay for chargeable services that you actually use. A subscription-based membership is no longer necessary.

Thanks to the "credits", messages can be actively sent. In addition, your own profile is placed higher in the search results of other users. With the in-house currency, you can also send virtual gifts, erotic online postcards, picture requests and picture approvals or play games.

The "credits" are offered in different packages. It should be noted that women usually have to pay fewer "credits" than men for many functions. Here is a list of the "credits" and the associated costs:

"Credits" for women and men:

Number of credits costs
2,550 $ 149.90
4,550 $ 199.90
10,250 $ 299.90

(As of May 2019)

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted at Hush.en:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Transfer / cash deposit

Nice extra: Hush.en really thought about confidentiality.

"HeartScout02" is displayed as the operator on the credit card statement, the account statements simply say "Internet service" and only an anonymous purpose is displayed for bank transfers or cash payments. This means that no reference to the casual dating portal can be established for outsiders.

7 7 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

The casual platform promises a high level of data security. Hush.en is one of the few casual dating portals that has been certified by the Technical Inspection Association Saarland. The association has checked the collection, processing and use of personal data and checked the guarantee of data protection. Ultimately, the Technical Inspection Association confirms the platform's high security standard.

Since Hush.en belongs to the HeartScout02 company (formerly GayScout), the platform can generally be classified as serious.

Safety tips from Hush.en

Both Hush.en, as well as the platforms HeartScout02, new.en and Partner.en have produced a video: "10 tips on how to spot scammers when online dating". This shows how much the provider cares about "romance scamming", fake profiles and fraudsters.

User anonymity

In addition, all new members are checked manually by customer service immediately after their registration. This keeps the number of fake profiles as low as possible.

In addition, according to Hush.en, no private data is passed on. The data itself is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology. The identity of the members is also protected by a pseudonym and a so-called "secret mask", which users can use to anonymize their profile pictures.

8 8 out of 10 points


All you need to register on Hush.en is an email address, a personal password and a pseudonym. The user is then asked to share his or her erotic preferences. This is followed by partner suggestions that correspond to these preferences.

The page is very clearly structured, intuitive to use and simple to set up. The design looks very appealing and easy on the eyes with its color scheme (dark purple, gray and white).

Menu items

The first two menu items consist of the categories "Search" and "Who is looking for me?".

Thanks to the search and filter function, members can search for suitable contacts themselves. The search criteria include gender, age, body size and the place of residence of the partner you are looking for. In addition, the preferred figure and the desired marital status can be selected. In the clear result list, both the profile details of the previously entered search criteria and the photo of the other members are displayed. In addition, you can see at a glance what the other candidates want, what they are specifically looking for and how high the level of agreement is.

Another really helpful function is the menu item "Who is looking for me?". The list shows members who are looking for exactly the criteria they meet. More information on this is available under "Target group and chances of success".

Preferred members are listed under "Favorites", while viewers of your own profile can be found under "Visitors".

The previous correspondence with other members can be found under the item "Messages".

Under "Games" there are small mini-games like "Casino" (a "one-armed bandit") or "Wheel of Fortune", with which members can win "credits" or so-called "secret specials".

Under the item "Credits" you can find overviews and summaries of your own credit and the packages that can be ordered.

Mobile offer & app

Hush.en offers a mobile view for its website. In addition, thanks to the free app, members can also search for an adult partner while on the go.

8 8 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

Hush.en is aimed at those aged 18 and over who are looking for an affair, an affair or a one-night stand. The average age of the members is between 25 and 54 years.

The ratio of women to men is rather unbalanced at 35% to 65% percent. Women are in the minority here - which means that there is a larger selection of potential erotic playmates for female members.

Anyone looking for a spontaneous and uncomplicated partner for the night or a long-term affair is in good hands here. Since the members of Hush.en are all equally looking for an erotic adventure, the chances of success of finding it here are relatively high.

Set the erotic type

After registration, the user defines his own erotic type. The following options are available for this:

  • Romantic
  • Willing to experiment
  • Unbridled
  • Individually

Then you can go into more detail by assigning certain answers to certain points. Here is a list of the various points:

  • Wishes and limits
  • Conversations
  • Outward preferences
  • activities
  • Fetish

The following answers can be assigned to the points:

  • Necessarily
  • Would be nice
  • Depending on the situation
  • Rare
  • taboo

Filter functions

Thanks to the various menu items, the search for a suitable partner can be made much easier. More information on the individual menu items can be found under the item "Usability". Here is a list of the categories and menu items:

  • search
  • Who is looking for me?
  • Favorites
  • Visitors
  • news
  • Games
  • Credits
  • profile

Incidentally, the search can also be used with the free user profile - at least for the most part.

Profiles & Photos

The photos are only displayed in the free profile as long as the member has previously uploaded some and approved them manually. The profiles of the individual partner proposals are fully visible even with basic membership and without "credits".

In addition to the user name and place of residence, the profile also contains a main statement by the member in the form of a quote. In addition, the similarities in personal preferences are shown in percent. The user's "secret fantasies" are also visible. At the bottom, interested parties can find out exactly what kind of erotic adventure the candidate is looking for. Here you will also find information about the appearance, height, eye color and origin.

The get-to-know

Interesting profiles of other members can be saved under favorites. The first contact can be made in the classic way by sending a message to other users. The "credits" can also be used to send virtual gifts. The choices are:

  • a strawberry
  • a rose
  • an erotic game consisting of a bondage, a whip and a mask
  • a bottle of champagne
  • a diamond
8 8 out of 10 points

Customer service

In the large FAQ area, members can find the most frequently asked questions.

Clicking on the respective question opens a window in which ambiguities or problems are answered extensively by the online editors. If there are still questions unanswered afterwards, the user can contact customer service directly using the contact form, email or phone.

Tips in the great online guide

Under the item "Magazine" , members can find the extensive online guide "In Liebesdingen". Thanks to the many menu items, interested users are quickly guided to their preferred subject areas. The following categories can be found here:

  • The "guide" with extensive articles on online dating, profile creation, meeting and safety on the first date.
  • The item "Fantasies" with articles about sex and fetish.
  • The "Erotic & Psychology" category with articles on seduction, flirting, dating and fling.
  • The menu item "Body & Trends" with news, new trends and articles on the subject of sensuality, science and the body.
  • The "Sensual Worlds" category, which deals with erotic, romantic and book and film tips.
  • The point "Experience reports", where members anonymously share their experiences.

Just like the portal itself, the advice page is of a very high quality and kept up to date.

Glossary and casual dating by region

The glossary explains terms, certain practices and terms relating to casual dating in more detail. If you have questions about a certain word meaning, you will surely find it here. This way, misunderstandings when looking for a partner can be cleared up quickly and easily.

In a large overview, Hush.en also lists casual dating opportunities according to specific regions and major cities. Members can find lots of tips here if, for example, they are looking for a suitable C-Date location in their hometown or want to find out more about the inclinations of their neighbors.


If you want to find a sex partner, an affair or a like-minded person in terms of eroticism quickly and easily, you will get your money's worth at Hush.en.

The advantages of Hush.en include the really extensive advice area, the many features and the good customer service. Thanks to the "credit" system, you only pay for services and functions that you actually use. In addition, there is no subscription-based membership.

Thanks to the TUV SUD America certificate and the status as a subsidiary of HeartScout02, the Hush.en platform can be classified as serious. TUV SUD America certification is by no means a matter of course for casual dating providers.

One of the disadvantages is the relatively large surplus of men on If you want to make optimal use of the many functions and find a suitable partner as quickly as possible, you usually have to buy new "credits" at the latest a few days after registration.

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