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  1. Very serious and TUV SUD America-certified provider
  2. Membership seal for the profile: Seriousness seal and level seal
  3. Antifake guarantee and "100% active users"
  4. Lots of female members (60 percent)
  5. RomanticPoint as a combination of a C dating portal and a single exchange
  6. VIP membership for double the success rate
over 500,000 members The C-Dating platform RomanticPoint not only wants to convey erotic adventures, but also the dream partner. Everyone will find what they are looking for here: Both people who are looking for an affair and singles who are looking for a dream partner. However, you should decide beforehand what you want - or directly choose VIP membership as a combination of both. RomanticPoint offers many communication options and services. These include the "trustworthiness seal", the "level seal" and the antifake guarantee.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
8 good
7.6 "7.6 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
7 satisfactory
7 satisfactory
Target group and chances of success
6 satisfactory
Customer service
10 very good
8 8 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

There is a free membership for women and a paid membership for men. This ensures that the ratio of women to men remains as balanced as possible.

Choice of type of transfer

ATTENTION: Before the paid membership the user has to decide which type of mediation he would like to choose: "dream partner" or "erotic adventure". The prices of these two types of mediation are the same - however, the services and procedures for finding a partner change.

While psychological matching is in the foreground in the search for the "dream partner", when arranging an "erotic adventure" priority is given to matching interests.

Those who want to enjoy the advantages of both variants can take out a VIP membership : This combines both types of mediation and doubles the circle of potential partners and the chances. The VIP membership is particularly suitable for users who do not want to decide whether they are looking for an erotic adventure or great love. In addition, one does not have to exclude the other. According to RomanticPoint itself, the VIP membership is by the way the most booked offer.

Memberships: packages and prices

Here is an overview of the prices for the types of mediation. The tariffs apply to both the "dream partner" arrangement and the "erotic adventure" variant:

running time Premium membership "dream partner" or "erotic adventure"
3 months $ 33 / month
6 months $ 21.50 / month
12 months $ 12.40 / month

(As of May 2019)

The additional contract option "VIP membership" includes both contract options "dream partner" and "erotic adventure":

running time VIP membership
12 months $ 12.40 / month

(As of May 2019)

A big plus: There are no subscription contracts at RomanticPoint. An automatic renewal of the fee-based membership is no longer necessary.

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted at RomanticPoint:

  • Credit card (Master Card, Visa or American Express)
  • Transfer
  • Direct debit
  • Click & Buy

According to RomanticPoint, payment by bank transfer or credit card is offered anonymously.

7 7 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

RomanticPoint has been tested and certified by TUV SUD America Saarland. This makes the RomanticPoint platform one of the few casual dating providers allowed to carry this seal of approval. In addition, RomanticPoint was the only C-Date provider to Dating Tips to be awarded the "Safer Dating" seal of approval.

Registration at RomanticPoint is anonymous and does not guarantee that personal data will be passed on to third parties. The data is intended for the purposes of both data collection and data processing at all times. According to RomanticPoint itself, all data will be deleted from the online dating provider after leaving. This is by no means a given for a casual dating provider.

Antifake guarantee and "100% active users"

RomanticPoint offers its members an anti-fake guarantee. Thanks to specially developed software, fake profiles should be completely excluded. If a member comes into contact with a fake profile, RomanticPoint compensates the person concerned directly with a free extension of the membership.

In addition, the platform ensures that non-members cannot see their own information. In addition, 100% active users are registered on RomanticPoint according to their own information - this eliminates passive members, so-called "card files" and many fake profiles. This C-Date platform makes a serious impression in any case.

7 7 out of 10 points


The structure of the site is clearly structured and self-explanatory. The page is completely red and white. These high-contrast colors make the overview much easier.

RomanticPoint does not yet offer an app or a mobile-optimized website.


Before registering, you as a user have to decide whether you are looking for a "dream partner" or an "erotic adventure". If you want to identify the specific differences between the two types of mediation, you have to familiarize yourself with the subject. That can take time.

The registration itself is simple and can be completed quickly.

Men receive automatically generated emails with partner suggestions immediately after registering. However, these potential partners can only be contacted after the premium account has been activated. The photos of other users are also only shown to male members once they have switched to paid membership. Interesting is the VIP membership, which promises a double chance to flirt: Here "erotic adventure" and "dream partner" are mediated equally.

Differences: "dream partner" vs. "erotic adventure"

Before registering, the user decides whether he or she would like to find a "dream partner" or an "erotic adventure". If you don't want to make a decision and want to double your chances, you can take out a VIP membership and use both types of placement.

When looking for the "dream partner", "interests matching" is first carried out, in which the characteristics of the singles are matched to one another. This is followed by "personality matching", which takes place on a scientific basis. RomanticPoint then creates a psychological report for the user and compares the results with other singles. Your own profile is then released for the relevant contact database so that suitable partner proposals can be found depending on your ideas.

When looking for an "erotic adventure", the psychological report is not required. All that is done here is "interest matching", in which the preferences and characteristics of the singles are compared with one another. With the help of this information, RomanticPoint then searches for suitable members and presents possible candidates in appropriate partner proposals.

6 6 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

According to his own statement, the target group of RomanticPoint primarily includes men and women “30+ with level” who are looking for erotic adventures or partnerships. According to its own information, the C dating portal RomanticPoint has already successfully placed around 3.5 million couples and acquaintances.

The ratio of women to men on RomanticPoint is rather untypical for casual dating platforms: while on other portals the female members tend to be in the minority, at RomanticPoint 60% of all members are women. The fact that, according to the company's own statements, around 2/3 of all users are female, can also be due to the mix of causal dating and dating. As is usually the case on C-Date platforms, women do not pay membership fees here. At the same time, you can also find great love on RomanticPoint and not just an erotic adventure. This mixture of free membership and serious partner search using a psychological report seems to be particularly popular with women.

Matching: Desired and soul partner

If you are looking for a suitable partner, you can use either personality matching or the various filter functions. Depending on whether you are looking for an "erotic adventure" or a "dream partner", a distinction is made between so-called "ideal partners" and "soul partners". "Desired partner" are determined by filtering the physical characteristics and sexual orientation. "Soul mates", on the other hand, are determined on the basis of the personality test by RomanticPoint and then presented to the user as a partner proposal.

Individual profile design

Your own profile can be designed in a creative and varied way. The members can present themselves here with the help of an interview that includes questions about themselves and character traits. By the way, the answers can be changed at any time. Photos, audios and even videos can also be uploaded in your own profile so that users can introduce themselves.

"Seriousness seal" and "level seal"

The own profile can also be upgraded with two seals: The in-house "seriousness seal" guarantees the authenticity of the member's identity. This optional seal can be obtained by sending RomanticPoint a copy of your identity card, a callback number and a photo of yourself and a piece of paper with the words "" on it.

The "level seal" is either awarded to the member directly by RomanticPoint or can be applied for. The seal confirms that the member is a sophisticated, personable and cultivated user. The "level seal" can be awarded as a member if the contact inquiries written by other users have been rated as positive and high-quality. The number of high-quality pictures that have been uploaded to your own photo album also counts here.

These seals offer the portal an extra service and prevent fake profiles.

Communication options

RomanticPoint offers its members many different ways of communication. You can get to know each other primarily through the suggestions of the matching system. Communication can then take place via email, SMS, private chat or an anonymous phone call.

The users can find the following contact options in the members area:

  • Mailbox / messages
  • Friends list / ignore list
  • Lists with partner proposals
  • Menu item "Who is online"
  • Self-presentations via audio / video
  • Chat function (text / video chat)
  • Anonymous SMS service
  • Anonymous phone calls
10 10 out of 10 points

Customer service

The help function was integrated directly into the page on RomanticPoint.

Here the member can find the FAQs at a glance or search for specific topics. In addition, users can call up a contact form in the members area at any time and send an individual request to customer service. You can also contact us by phone. The Lovepoint service number can be reached 24 hours and the costs correspond to the current local tariff from the German landline network.

Lovepoint advisor

An online guide is available in the form of a separate overview page. Here you can find information on the various types of placement "dream partner" and "erotic adventure" as well as on VIP membership, which is a combination of the two variants. Under the point "How it works" you can find information on the services, reliability, security and the contractual conditions. The test victories and media contributions are listed under "References". You can also find success stories and testimonials from members here.

Anyone looking for tips on creating a profile, making initial contact, communication or the first meeting can download the 20-page guide for erotic adventures as a PDF. Most of the questions and tips are compiled from surveys of around 20,000 users who are looking for erotic adventures.


RomanticPoint surprises with a successful combination of a C dating portal and a single exchange.

One of the pluses of RomanticPoint is the great safety factor. Thanks to many features, such as the two membership seals "Seriosity Seal" and "Level Seal", the antifake guarantee and various certificates, RomanticPoint makes a serious impression. After all, the platform is one of the few infidelity portals that has been awarded a TUV SUD America seal.

The platform also offers many communication options, good customer service and a useful advice area. In addition, the majority of the members are women - this is rather atypical for an affair portal.

One of the disadvantages is that the different types of brokerage and contracts can lead to confusion. If you are looking for a "dream partner" as well as an "erotic adventure" or if you do not want to commit yourself, there is no getting around a VIP membership. The differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both types of contract are not necessarily presented in an understandable way at first glance.

The combination of casual dating and serious dating is one of RomanticPoint's unique selling points. For many users this can be worthwhile - others may feel put off by it.

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