Test report on Primary affair

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  1. Platform guarantees "100% anonymity" and transparency
  2. Cheap membership fees and free account for women.
  3. Many communication options (live chat with webcam or anonymous phone calls)
  4. Successful "camouflage mode" feature protects against prying eyes.
  5. Large advice area, many tips and "love dictionary"
about 1.8 million members The online portal Primary affair is one of the most popular providers when it comes to erotic adventures for men and women. Interested parties will find a "fling with class" here. The platform convinces thanks to particularly favorable membership fees. The age of the members is roughly between 25 and 50 years. According to its own information, around 1.8 million members are registered on Primary Affair in Germany.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
7 satisfactory
8.0 "8.0 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
7 satisfactory
8 good
Target group and chances of success
10 very good
Customer service
8 good
7 7 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

Primary affair offers women free access. In this way, the women-men ratio is kept as balanced as possible. Men or women who are looking for other women or couples must, however, sign a premium account in order to be able to use all functions. This includes looking at other profiles, for example.

The following applies to memberships: the longer the term, the lower the monthly costs.

Here is an overview of the different models:

Premium memberships

running time costs
1 month $ 39.99 / month
3 months $ 19.99 / month
6 months $ 16.99 / month
12 months $ 12.98 / month

(As of May 2019)

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In addition, so-called credits can be acquired. With the help of these credits, the user can send virtual gifts or highlight their own messages. This own first-affair currency can also be used to place your own profile particularly high in the ranking lists of other users.

Services of the different packages

With a free basic membership , members can create a profile, search for other members, and view other members' profile photos.

However, if you want to send messages, chat or send digital gifts in full, you cannot avoid a premium membership .

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted at Primary Affair:

  • Credit card (Master Card, Visa or American Express)
  • Transfer

7 7 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

In the General Terms and Conditions of Primary Affair it is stated that this C dating platform follows the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The collected data is therefore used exclusively to mediate erotic adventures. The transfer of the data to third parties is excluded. Personal data can also be deleted at any time in the individual user account under "My Profile".

According to its own information, Primary Affair guarantees its customers "100% anonymity" and transparency. Apart from an e-mail address, no personal data is requested.

Primary affair has not yet been issued a TUV SUD America certification.

On Primary affair, the user can only send messages after he has verified himself by entering his telephone number, mobile phone number or, alternatively, by paying a fee of 5 euros. This keeps the number of fake profiles as low as possible.

8 8 out of 10 points


Only five steps are required to register.

Your own profile is created in just a few minutes: The user describes himself, his social status, his character and his erotic preferences. Your own profile page is ready.

Lots of communication options

Primary affair offers many communication options. Not only is traditional message writing available via your own mail system, but also live chat with or without a webcam and microphone. In addition, anonymous telephone calls can be made via the so-called "conference call". Virtual gifts can also be sent using credits.

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Setup and stealth mode

The primary affair website is very clearly structured. The three-column structure is logically structured and can be operated quickly. The navigation is very intuitive.

Both the matches and the search can be called up immediately. The “last 5 visitors” can be viewed under an extra overview. You can use the search field to search for other interesting users. Primary affair offers its members their own e-mail account. This can be a real advantage when meeting or planning affairs that should definitely remain a secret.

The website is kept in a rich purple tone. A clever feature is the so-called stealth mode, which can be selected when you log in. When activated, the conspicuous purple side is displayed completely in an inconspicuous gray. After the successful login, the color is replaced by a more neutral gray. The stealth mode shows that the makers of Primary Affair really thought about it. In stealth mode, the page looks much more harmless. The practical function protects the user from prying eyes.

Mobile view & app

Primary affair does not yet offer its own app. The site can score with a mobile view.

Tip: The article "24-hour practical test Primary affair: The protocol" shows what the first 24 hours on the Primary affair platform can look like . Here are the answers to the questions: Which audience is on Spaceship.en? Who is writing to you? And above all: How do you get a letter?

10 10 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

According to their own statements, the ratio of women to men on primary affair is around 25% to 75%. At first glance, this quota of women may seem low. However, Primary Affair is a portal that primarily conveys erotic adventures, affairs and affairs.

The age of the members is roughly between 25 and 50 years. Primary Affair has provided information on its average members from its homepage: According to its own information, the average male user has been alternative, married and employed for around 35 years. The average female user has been an alternative for around 30 years, is also married and does not work. The extent to which this information corresponds to reality is not proven by statistics.

Partner search via credits, matching and quick search

If you want to improve your chances of success as a woman, you can use so-called credits to place your own profile particularly high in the ranking lists of other users. In addition, there is a matching system that women and men can use. However, the matches are only displayed if you have previously uploaded a photo.

Search and filter function

In addition, the search can be used to actively search for suitable users. The "quick search", the "professional search" and the "last 5 visitors" field are available as additional filter functions.

A quick search allows you to select 5 criteria:

  • Own gender.
  • Gender of partner sought.
  • What a partner is looking for (erotic adventure, partner swap or relationship).
  • What age range the partner should have.
  • The country you want.

8 8 out of 10 points

Customer service

A "Help" button takes the user to a large FAQ area.

Here the most frequently asked questions from users are divided into subject areas such as "General", "Postal system", "Advertisement and photo" or "Membership". Members who are already registered can make individual inquiries using the support form in the login area. If you are not yet a registered member, you can submit your request using an extra form that will be processed by the support team within business hours (Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

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Tips, love encyclopedia and fling advice

The relatively large advice area of ​​Primary affair can be found directly on the homepage. A large information box contains the items "Tips and Advice", "Affair Advice", "About Affair" and the "Love Lexicon".

Under the point "Tips and hints" you will find general assistance that should help in the search for erotic meetings. Here you can also find advice on profile design and communication.

In the extensive "affair advice" the user can get helpful tips on the impending affair. Here is advice for before, during and after the affair. There are also topics such as safety information, an "affair alibi" or answers to the question "How to cleverly cover up the affair".

In the large "Liebeslexikon" terms, English expressions and abbreviations from AZ are listed. Thanks to the entries, you can avoid possible misunderstandings with individual preferences and inclinations.


Primary affair is a C dating platform that addresses a clear audience: forgiven men and women who are bored in their relationship and are open to erotic adventures. In addition, the affair portal is aimed at singles who want to try out sexually and are open to new experiences.

The provider for erotic adventures convinces with its cheap membership fees, the many contact options and the large advice area.

The practical feature "stealth mode", the many fling tips and the own postal system show that the C-Date provider has really given some thought to secrecy.

Except for the search functions and the very limited matching, there are no other ways to search for really suitable partners. In addition, the user can only send messages after he has verified himself by entering his telephone number, mobile phone number or by paying a fee of 5 euros. After all, this keeps the number of fake profiles as low as possible.

Anyone who is curious and would like to know what the first 24 hours on the Primary affair platform look like and who is writing to you should take a look at the article "24-hour practical test Primary affair - the protocol" .

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