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Review of HeartScout02.en

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  1. Very serious dating site
  2. Lots of registered members
  3. Many new contacts and friend requests in a very short time
  4. Large range of single events, events and single trips
  5. Entertaining features: "Dateroulette", "Like" button, "smile"
  6. Multiple awards and prizes
  7. Single exchange with great fun factor
over 1 million members The single exchange HeartScout02.en (formerly GayScout) offers a large number of registered singles. One of the absolute highlights is the "Dateroulette", where you can find your partner online in a playful way. There are severe restrictions on the free user profile. As with many other dating sites, there is no scientific personality test.

criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
9 very good
8.4 "8.4 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
7 satisfactory
10 very good
Target group and chances of success
8 good
Customer service
8 good
9 9 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

There is both a free and a paid membership at HeartScout02.de.

Free membership

With a free basic membership, members can create a profile, view other profiles, search for members or get recommendations. In addition, features such as the "Dateroulette" or the event calendar can also be used with a free membership. With this variant, messages can be written and also sent, but received messages can only be read if the additional function "Connect" has been booked.

The free user profile therefore offers only very limited functions .

Four premium extensions for individual needs

There are four different premium packages with different services: "Premium Basic", "Premium Medium", "Premium Unlimited" and "Premium Unlimited & Select" (see below).

The term can be between 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The costs for this vary depending on the length of the contract.

Here is a list of the costs of the individual premium packages.

Premium packages

running time "Premium Basis" "Premium Medium" "Premium Unlimited" "Premium Unlimited & Select"
1 month $ 39.99 $ 42.99 $ 44.99 $ 49.99
3 months 29.99 € / month € 32.99 / month € 34.99 / month € 39.99 / month
6 months € 24.99 / month € 27.99 / month 29.99 € / month € 34.99 / month
12 months € 19.99 / month € 22.99 / month € 25.00 / month 29.99 € / month

(As of May 2019)

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Attention: If you are under 30 years of age, you will usually pay half less with HeartScout02!

Services of the different packages

The profiles of the candidates and the profile photos are fully visible even with a free basic membership. You can "like" suitable partners and add them to your own favorites. However, the favorites list itself cannot be viewed without a premium account. While the number of "smiles" and messages from other users are visible, the corresponding profiles and messages are not displayed without a premium membership.

The chat function is deactivated for the free user profile. If you want to contact another member, you need a premium membership for an intensive exchange of messages.

The following functions are included in the individual packages:

"Premium Basis":

  • Send and read messages to up to 10 new contacts a day
  • To chat
  • View the list of profile visitors
  • Use the mobile app with all its advantages

The services of the "Premium Basic" membership are also included in the " Premium Medium" account . With the medium variant, however, the number of new contacts you can write to every day increases from 10 to 25 members. In addition, owners of this premium package can look forward to special prices and discounts at the many singles events offered by HeartScout02.

If you opt for a "Premium Unlimited" account , you can send and receive unlimited messages in addition to the previous services. The HeartScout02 site can also be used completely free of advertising.

With the " Premium Unlimited & Select" membership , the user can also determine who is allowed to contact him and who is not. 

All premium memberships are automatically renewed, but can be canceled no earlier than 24 hours after logging in and no later than 48 hours before the current term.

Additional options

In addition to the existing premium packages, options such as "Booster", "Connect" or "Select" can be booked.

A "booster" works like a kind of amplifier - if it is activated, your own profile is highlighted and appears at the top of other members' search results. Such temporary measures can immensely increase activity on your profile. The "booster" can either be booked as a package or at short notice as a one-off action.

Thanks to the so-called "Connect" option, basic members can also be contacted without restriction, even though they do not have a premium membership. In addition, the own profile is given preference to the other members.

The so-called "Select" option enables the user to see whether the messages he has sent have already been read. In addition, you can set preferences for contacting us by message. If another member does not meet your criteria, a request will be sent to you before contact is made, which you must first confirm manually.

Payment options

HeartScout02.en accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Direct debit
7 7 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

Security & Transparency

HeartScout02.en is characterized by a very high level of data security.

Personal data such as account number, name and address are only transmitted in encrypted form thanks to the SSL process. HeartScout02.en has also signed the SPIN code. This stands for a serious partner search on the net and reflects the responsible and consumer-oriented interaction with users as well as a high degree of transparency.

On the website www.sichere-partnersuche.en specially created by the single exchange, there are not only numerous tips on the subject of security in online dating, but also a security check, information on computer security and a glossary of terms the topic. The satisfaction of the LoveScout24 users is also very high in the area of ​​security, as a 2000 customer evaluation on the independent evaluation portal "ekomi" showed.

The profiles of all members are checked manually before they are released - so fake profiles should be excluded as far as possible. Particularly serious profiles of authentic and honest "gentlemen" can also be awarded a so-called "LoveScout24 seal". For this purpose, the male members should have filled out at least 70 percent of their profile, viewed all LoveScout tutorials and been positively rated by other members.

Anyone who, despite everything, comes into contact with questionable members or receives inappropriate messages can notify the moderation team at any time. All that is needed is a click on the corresponding button in the user's mailbox or profile.

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Honourings and prices

The single exchange has received several awards:

  • In 2016 HeartScout02 was named the overall winner by Stiftung Warentest. In the test, 6 dating sites and 5 dating agencies were scrutinized.

  • In 2016 the single exchange was tested by the "German Institute for Service Quality" (DISQ) and declared the test winner in the "Online single exchange" category.
  • In 2014, the newspaper “Die Welt” declared HeartScout02 the test winner in the field of “singles exchanges”.
  • In 2013 HeartScout02 was named the test winner by the magazine "ComputerBild".
  • In 2013 the German Institute for Service Quality declared HeartScout02 the overall winner.

10 10 out of 10 points


Registration at HeartScout02.en is free. All you need to register is an email address, postcode and a personal password. The user can then freely choose the pseudonym.

After logging in, the user performs a short personality test, which is pleasantly varied and visually beautiful.

Structure of the page

The site is relatively clear. At the top there are the menu items “Mails”, “Visitors”, “Chats”, “Smiles”, “Favorites” and the “Dateroulette”.

There is no scientific personality test. However, it will ask about the preferences of the user. After registering, there are suitable partner suggestions. The user can then decide whether he wants to continue testing the free profile or whether he wants to take advantage of the paid tariff immediately.

A nice feature of the site is the "invisibility mode", which can be activated with a button in the navigation bar. In this mode, the profiles of other users can be browsed undisturbed without them being notified of the profile visit.

Mobile view and app

If you want to flirt on the go, you can either use the mobile website or the app. The app can be downloaded free of charge for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Popular features such as the "Dateroulette", the "Around me" search in the vicinity and the extra large profile photos make online flirting a real experience.

8 8 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

The dating platform is aimed at singles aged 18 and over. The main age group of seekers is between 30 and 49 years. The ratio of women to men is relatively balanced at 43 to 57 percent. When registering, questions about your own character and preferences are answered. This results in a personal self-assessment - but there is no scientifically based personality test.

Thanks to the self-assessment and the subsequent matching process, the dating site promises good chances of success. Only candidates who are similar and complement each other will be proposed.

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When registering, the user answers questions about his or her own character, hobbies and everyday life. In addition to hobbies and interests, the “LoveYourImperfections” field is a special eye-catcher. The singles can enter their weaknesses there. According to HeartScout02, the small quirks and mistakes make the special difference.

During the registration, the members can provide the usual information about the desired character of the partner and their habits.

Immediately afterwards, the user can see whether they have already been digitally smiled at and by whom. The “smiles” can be added to favorites.

Filter functions

There is no column “partner suggestions” (as is usual with many other dating sites). Users still have to search and browse here themselves.

However, if you limit the age of the candidates and enter the desired zip code, you get a relatively large number of partner suggestions. It is also possible to select the distance to the place of residence or to search for a specific keyword or pseudonym.

The following features can also be specified:

  • Basic attitudes, marital status, living situation, desire for children and religion
  • Criteria for appearance, height, weight, hair color, eye color
  • Criteria for lifestyle, most noticeable trait, taste in music

Profiles & Photos

The photos are displayed to the user in the free profile. The profiles of the individual partner proposals are also fully visible. In addition to the profile picture, there is information on the age, size and place of residence of the candidate. The marital status, children if applicable, hair color, stature, occupation, hobbies, smoking habits and their search criteria are listed below. The profile closes with a list of what both seekers have in common and a detailed description of their appearance and hobbies.

The get-to-know

You can express that you like the candidate by clicking the “Like” button. The members can then be added to their own favorites. In addition, you can send a "smile" or a "smile" to other singles. However, if you want to send a personal message, you have to switch to the premium account.

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The "date roulette"

The absolute highlight of the site is the "Dateroulette". Here potential candidates for a are presented to the user according to the Tinder principle. He can decide whether these are suitable for him or whether he rejects them. Under the photo of the candidates there are the options “Next”, “Maybe” and “Yes”. Here the appearance of the other primarily plays a role.

If you click on “Next”, another candidate is presented. If you choose "Maybe", the candidate will be saved for a later . If you click on “Yes”, the first step towards a is taken. Now the other person just has to click on "Yes" and you can write messages, arrange to meet or arrange a meeting point.

8 8 out of 10 points

Customer service

The customer service is clearly structured.

For questions or ambiguities, there is the “Online Help” area, where keywords can be entered. In the predefined FAQ area, any questions are answered in more detail. If the answer wasn't helpful enough, users can use the help form to ask their question more specifically.

Premium customers can contact customer service directly by email or phone.

The quality of the customer service was sufficient during our test.

Tips and tricks in the LoveScout24 magazine

In their own blog "Love. Life. Lifestyle." there are many interesting articles on different topics. Members and those who want to become one will find many articles under the most varied of categories that are thematically exciting, richly illustrated and designed to be interactive. Here you can find categories such as:

  • Single world
  • Online dating
  • Successful couples
  • The #LoveYourImperfections

Singles events and trips

HeartScout02 offers single events across Germany. Many events can be found here in a wide variety of categories. The categories include:

  • Moments of pleasure (cooking, baking and culinary delights)
  • Dinner (dinner together)
  • Art and culture (theater, museums or galleries)
  • Afterworks (after-work parties)
  • Beverage studies (wine, beer and spirits tastings)
  • Games, sports & fun (sports activities and games)
  • Outdoor (picnics, boat trips and outdoor sports)
  • Specials (VIP evenings, do-it-yourself workshops, cinema previews and specials)

In addition, HeartScout02 organizes singles trips especially for its members, which cover many travel destinations and categories: whether it's ski events or summer trips, the mountains, the sea, for relaxation or sporting activities.

Conclusion: pluses & minuses

The single exchange is serious and offers a high number of registered members. Here users can make many new contacts and get to know potential partners in a very short time.

There are plus points for the many functions, features and contact options such as the "Dateroulette", the "Like" button or sending a "smile". The advantages also include the fact that those who are undecided can take advantage of a short minimum contract period of 1, 3 or 6 months. The many different single events, the trips and the interactive guide offer full all-round service.

The shortcomings include the very limited functions in the free profile, the lack of a scientific personality test and the limited operation. This also means that the "Smiles" and "Favorites" cannot be viewed by other users.


HeartScout02 was declared the overall winner in 2016 by Stiftung Warentest in a large comparison between online dating providers. The single exchange scored points in all areas and overtook all other providers. In the test, the six most popular dating sites and the five largest dating agencies were scrutinized.

We recommend HeartScout02 without restrictions. Singles who are looking for new acquaintances, flirts and a new partner really get their money's worth here. HeartScout02 not only works and meets all the requirements of a good dating site: It is also unbelievable fun to surf the site and meet new people.

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