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eSweetheart: 24-hour practical test

What do you experience after a day on the eSweetheart partner exchange? Which audience is there and how many contact requests do you really get? There are answers in our "24-hour practical test eSweetheart".

The framework

  • The eSweetheart partner exchange was tested for 24 hours, with the test phase running from Tuesday 09:46 a.m. to Wednesday 09:46 a.m.
  • The free basic membership was used for the first 24 hours.
  • The initiative was largely scaled back. Nobody was actively contacted. Contact inquiries were answered - as far as the free basic membership allowed.
  • The test was performed by a woman.

Test report on eSweetheart almost 3 million members in Germany

  • Verified member profiles (additional identity verification possible)
  • Very high data security
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners
  • Detailed personality test
  • Very high number of registered members
  • Large advice area
  • Short minimum term of 7 days, 3 months or 6 months possible

24-hour practical test eSweetheart: The protocol

The starting phase

09:46 I sit down in front of the notebook full of vigor. I register and first process the items "I am" and "I am looking for". To register, I should also provide an email address and choose a password. That was easier than I thought.

9:49 am I start the personality test and fill out general information about myself , such as my of birth, marital status and education.

09:57 In the "self-description" I should state to what extent certain characteristics apply to me. "Patiently"? Applies to me completely - still.

Example of personality test questions. © eSweetheart

10:16 I am also asked test questions between the selectable answer options, where I can hit the keys and type in answers myself. A nice change.

Example of personality test question. © eSweetheart

11:00 After about 1.25 hours, I'm done with everything and first of all treat myself to a coffee. That almost borders on work here. I'm slowly damning my conscientiousness. Fortunately, I am patient.

11:08 am I'm starting the four-stage welcome tour. I like tours. I'm also happy that I'm being taken by the hand.

11:09 am My photo is currently being checked and has to be approved manually by eSweetheart.

11:10 I am advised to keep completing my profile. Then I'll get started. Under the point "This is how I describe myself:", presets from my personality test have already been generated into a finished sentence. For my taste, however, the self-description seems rather uninspired. I change the information manually and give my site a personal touch. After all, the profile is my figurehead and should always be individually designed.

Profile editing with presetting. © eSweetheart

11:22 If I understand correctly, every information I change from eSweetheart has to be manually approved again.

11:51 am I'm still completing my profile. I had already answered most of the questions in the personality test. Perhaps I should have only selected “Somewhat applies” under the item “Patient”.

First contacts

11:58 I'm looking at my first profile visitor. "Tom" doesn't seem to be a native German speaker. I can see from the profile that it probably ended up here because of work. What he doesn't like at all: "When someone is lying down, selfishness, arrogance". I don't really have anything against lying down, but you don't always have to agree.

12:05 pm "Tom" sent me a smile. I smile back.

Placeholder © eSweetheart

12:13 PM My photo has just been activated by eSweetheart. So lucky. Without a profile photo, making contact would have been difficult.

However, I only seem to be able to view the photos of all other users as a premium member.

Until then, I'll have to be content with the brisk placeholder images: the silhouette of a male head in a masculine blue.

12:20 pm I click through my first eight partner suggestions. I like that the users are displayed here with their name and age. Spaceship and Challenger partners name their members with the profession, which can quickly lead to confusion for all the self-employed, civil servants and educators.

Go to the provider

12:24 When rummaging through the partner suggestions, I immediately noticed that many motorcyclists were suggested to me. I secretly consider motorcycles to be devil machines, but as long as I don't have to step on such an angry hell machine, everything is fine.

12:39 "Fabian" and "Gordon" sent me a "smile". Both are passionate motorcyclists. Is that supposed to be a joke now?

12:48 PM "Tom" and "Fabian" sent me a message that I unfortunately can neither read nor answer individually. Instead it says, “If this is your first time contacting Tom, you have to wait for a reply before you can write another message.” I think to myself: Clean! After all, I was written to, so in fact I am also allowed to answer. Full of euphoria, I type wildly and click on "Send", but am redirected directly to a registration for the premium membership. Puff cake, that was probably nothing. At least I can send both of them a pre-written message.

Keep smiling

13:31 Sebastian sends me a "smile" and "five questions". In addition to selectable answer options, you can also type your own answers here. A cheer for individuality. I'm sending five new questions back to Sebastian.

14:44 In the meantime, six new users are shown to me under the item "Profile visitors". However, if I click on the “Profile visitor” button, I will be forwarded directly to the premium membership.

3:51 PM “A member, 31” likes a statement on my profile. Unfortunately, I cannot see which exactly this should be and who likes the statement, because when I click on it, I am referred to the premium membership. It's getting annoying. But I understand that eSweetheart also has to make money.

“A member” likes a statement. The only question is: which one? © eSweetheart

16:58 Received a “smile” from “Bernd”, “Thomas”, “Tim” and “Christian”. If there was all the grinning in “Real Life”, you would really have to worry about muscle cramps.

18:43 "Sebastian" answered my five questions. Unfortunately, I can't read the answers. I also get another smile and a blurry message. The physicist is into "air sports" and "air work" - whatever that means. Maybe he should team up with my first contact "Tom". It also has something against gravity and, as is well known, doesn't like it at all “when someone is lying down”.

The inbox. © eSweetheart

19:03 “Daniel”, “Marian” and “Marc” send me a smile.

If I got that many smiles on the street, my life would be a lot nicer.

8:21 PM “Gordon,” “Chris,” and “Daniel” send me questions, some of the questions being exactly the same.

21:28 I get five questions from "Bernd", which I answer directly. I am also sending him five questions.

Nice feature: eSweetheart has memorized which questions I had previously sent to "Sebastian". With just a few clicks, I can also send the same set of questions to "Bernd".

9:30 p.m. End for today. My eyes are burning.

Test report on eSweetheart almost 3 million members in Germany

  • Verified member profiles (additional identity verification possible)
  • Very high data security
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners
  • Detailed personality test
  • Very high number of registered members
  • Large advice area
  • Short minimum term of 7 days, 3 months or 6 months possible

The morning after

8:00 am After coffee and breakfast I sit back at the notebook full of expectations. Lo and behold: a lot has happened overnight. "Jörg", "Marco" and "Robert" sent me a digital smile. Messages have come in from “Christian”, “Marc”, “Sebastian” and “Alex” that are only displayed blurred. “One member, 27” and “One member, 29” like any of the statements on my profile. I would really be interested in which ones they are.

08:39 “Jan Peter” sends me a smile and questions. I also get five questions from “Stephan”. Question after question - I'm slowly wondering how many questions are actually being asked to choose from here, because I already know each one of them. What I like, however: A scale above the questions shows me how far the communication has progressed. Individual steps can also be skipped or made up for.

The scale shows communication steps for the "questions". © eSweetheart

Final sprint

08:57 I'm surfing the eight new partner suggestions. Again there are three motorcyclists. Maybe I should get on one of these infernal machines after all. There is something about these bearded “easy rider” guys.

09:14 In addition to bikers, I am mainly suggested partners who exceed my intellectual horizon. “Erik”, for example, says he would like to “master the Philosophia perennis”. After several Google surveys, I understood one thing: namely that I understand absolutely nothing about it. Although I once studied philosophy for three semesters. I mark the entry with “I like” and pretend I fully agree with him.

09:21 In the meantime there have been messages from “Jonas”, “Tobi” and “Andre” as well as a smile from “Dennis” and “Hendrik”. The whole digital smile back gives me phantom sore muscles in my cheeks.

09:32 My partner proposal "Mirko" is looking for a "related wavelength with a touch of transcendence" in a partnership. Sounds nice ... and confusing at the same time. But where did all the rough bikers suddenly go? And can't you even suggest a mix for a change? How about a “Sons of Anarchy” rocker who, between his fights, ponders the futility of being or recites “Hamlet”?

09:41 “Christoph” sends me a smile and five questions. In his profile he states that he “may not come from this earth”. What he cannot do without: his "limbs". The only question is how many of them he has as an alien.

09:46 The 24 hours are over. With this I say goodbye to the little eDarling cosmos, step into my flying saucer and leave this small, wondrous world. I will certainly miss all the bikers, philosophers and aliens here.


24-hour practical test eSweetheart - The numbers for the first 24 hours

Messages received: 9

"Smiles" received: 19

"Questions" received: 8

“Like” marks: 3

Conclusion and recommendation

The partner exchange eSweetheart invites you to linger . The page looks fresh, is not overloaded and is restrained in terms of design and color choice. The clear structure is self-explanatory. Anyone who would prefer to be taken by the hand at first can take a four-stage welcome tour through the various categories.

In contrast to other partner exchanges such as Spaceship and Challengerpartner , the members of eSweetheart are not titled by job title, but displayed with their actual name - a pleasant change. This not only gives the partner search a much more personal touch, but also saves unwanted mix-ups between all the “self-employed”, “teachers” and “civil servants”.

Go to the provider

A nice way of establishing contact is the “Like” function , where you can specifically “like” personal statements and profile descriptions from other users. The “questions” to other singles can be individually combined, whereby eSweetheart remembers the first set of “questions” so that they can be sent more often if necessary. However, this also means that the same “questions” are often presented to you.


In contrast to other partner exchanges such as Spaceship, a free basic membership in the eSweetheart partner exchange offers only very limited possibilities for establishing contact. Profile pictures of other users are not displayed even after manual approval. Personal messages cannot be read, let alone answered. If you want to use the full range of contact options and want to improve your chances of getting to know someone, you should opt for a three-month premium membership .

The detailed eDarling test report can be found here.

Balance sheet


- Members are displayed with their own name, not their job title

(Has a more personal effect and prevents mix-ups)

- Great service factor (e.g. four-stage “welcome tour” /

Reminder function when compiling the questions)

- Fresh design and clear structure

- Serious dating agency with verified members

- During the 24-hour trial period:

No contact with stalkers, questionable members or romance scammers.

- No flood of emails. During the test:

Only 5 notification emails in the inbox


- Limited contact options with a basic membership

(Personal messages or photos cannot be viewed /

Answer options only very limited)


- eSweetheart is a serious and young partner exchange with a great service

and feel-good factor. “Find your happiness” says the dating platform.

Thanks to the detailed personality test, the chances are

More than good.

Test report on eSweetheart almost 3 million members in Germany

  • Verified member profiles (additional identity verification possible)
  • Very high data security
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners
  • Detailed personality test
  • Very high number of registered members
  • Large advice area
  • Short minimum term of 7 days, 3 months or 6 months possible
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