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Spaceship: 24-hour practical test

What do the first 24 hours of the Spaceship partner exchange look like? What do you experience during this time, how many people do you meet and how many messages end up in your mailbox? You can find the answers in our “24-hour practical test Spaceship”.

The framework

  • The partner exchange Spaceship was tested for 24 hours , with the test phase running from Tuesday 12:56 p.m. to Wednesday 12:56 p.m.
  • S for the first 24 hour free basic membership was used.
  • The initiative was largely scaled back. No one was actively contacted. Instead, all messages, a sent smile or fun questions were answered.
  • The test was performed by a woman.

Test report on Spaceship over 5 million members in Germany

  • Very serious partner exchange
  • TUV SUD America certified
  • Lots of registered members
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners through well-founded personality tests
  • Helpful tips in the magazine "or"
  • Large selection of single events
  • Warm community and friendly tone
  • Very big service factor
  • Multiple premieres and awards

24-hour practical test Spaceship: The protocol

The starting phase

12:56 Take a deep breath and go. I start the registration and first have to fill in the points “I am:”, “I am looking for:”, “E-Mail” and “Password”.

12:58 pm I start the scientific questionnaire and get a nice advance warning from Spaceship that it will take about 20 minutes to fill out.

13:11 Wow! Spaceship apparently wants to know exactly. It asks about my favorite temperature and whether I sleep with the window open at night. To be honest, it is not quite clear to me to what extent this should be important for finding a partner. But perhaps this should prevent future arguments with the partner.

13:13 I'm supposed to look at pairs of pictures, really “empathize” with the images and make my choice. I like that. I've always been into psychological games and inkblot interpretations.

Examples of image pairs. © Spaceship

13:28 Done - for now. It didn't take me 20 minutes, but 32 minutes.

13:38 Just completed the mandatory items in my personality profile. I'm answering additional questions because, according to Spaceship, that's supposed to increase my chances.

13:44 I'm looking at the evaluation of my test. Conclusion: I am a mix of gut and heart person. The third component “mind” seems a little too short for me. Am I getting dissed? In addition, I am confirmed willingness to compromise and a balanced relationship between “soul energy” (short: instinctual desire) and “self-control”. My "male side" is very pronounced. Does that mean I'm more of a guy than a girl? Should that be another diss? If I find out where the test result is from, I'll round up my homies and finish it off.

First contacts

13:56 I am browsing the “Partner Suggestions” category and I am a little milder again. A whopping 74 contacts are suggested to me - that is, profiles with a blurry image that only gives an idea of ​​the contours. Photos can be activated manually by the users.

Placeholder © Spaceship

14:01 I just fell in love while sifting through the partner suggestions (even several times) ... until I noticed that I turned on the placeholder picture. Incidentally, this has already happened to the male colleagues during testing. However, they did not look at the placeholder photos, but rather thought the users behind them were stalkers because they appear so often.

14:30 I only notice now that the users are displayed here with their age and occupation. As an undertaker, you certainly have bad cards here.

15:13 I currently have two interested parties - users who have visited my profile. There is a yawning emptiness in the message box. My photo is still awaiting clearance from Spaceship. I'm getting impatient.

4:12 PM I'm getting hysterical gasps because I just got my first message. “Teacher” asks what kind of music I listen to.

16:32 My photo was finally released and is now visible to everyone.

16:38 Train drivers” and “IT systems” sent me a smile. “Engineer” likes my photo. A reply from "Teacher" is only blurred because I am not yet a premium member. I still have to get used to the many job titles here.

4:53 PM I've just received four fun multiple-choice questions from Marketing Manager. After all, we had two things in common. If there were four matches, I would have been invited for coffee. Then I'll have to make my own coffee.

17:36 New messages from “Branch Manager”, “Legal Trainee ” and “No Entry”, a smile and fun questions from “IT HR Manager”, a blurred reply from the train driver and a smile from “Doctor”. I smiled back and answered diligently, as far as my basic membership allowed me.

Interim balance

17:55 I seem to be doing well with doctors, teachers, and educators (my mother would be happy). A look at the visitors to my profile page confirms my suspicions. I'm slowly wondering whether I somehow seem in need of care and how the whole thing can be reconciled with my strongly developed male side.

18:39 New messages from “IT systems” and “IT managers”. Responses from “trainee lawyer” and “branch manager”. Three smiles from “teacher, self-employed” and another “self-employed”. This title by job title is slowly confusing me.

18:51 More smiles from the “school teacher” and another “doctor” arrive. The doctor sends a message afterwards and asks me according to his calling: “How are you?”. I am tempted to tell him briefly about my back pain and the choleric attacks on my male side, but then leave it to one “Quite well. And even?"

19:01 New messages arrive . “Independent” simply greets me with “Hello dear strangers” - a little more imagination, please. Another gentleman “self-employed” writes me a nice, long message in which he talks a little about himself, asks a lot of questions about my profile information and thus builds a bridge to common interests. That's how it should be.

19:11 I just got a long message from "Expert" that sounds nice, but looks more like a sample message. All references to my profile are missing here.

19:17 New responses from “IT manager”, “expert”, “self-employed”, “pedagogue” and the appointed “doctor”. I can't get rid of the feeling of having landed on a job exchange. A gentleman from the “public service” sends me a smile, a thumbs up and a message with his detailed daily routine so far. Too much of a good thing for my taste - I still answer well.

19:52 Another "teacher" tells me in a message about his fresh premium membership. He asks whether I can already see his pictures and whether he has already “shocked” me with them. I answer that I can still see the pictures blurry at the moment, but that at least the colors in his photos have blown my socks off.

8:16 PM I just got a compilation of four fun questions from “employee”, almost all of which concern my apartment. It is asked what significance the residential area has for me and what I think of cleaning aids in general. I suspect the guy is either looking for a new apartment or wants to move in with me right away. I think to myself: watch out!

Example of four "fun questions". © Spaceship

22:01 Smiles from “financial service provider”, “research assistant”, “manager” and “business economist”. Responses from “experts”, “doctors” and “IT systems”. New messages from “Restaurateur, Ad Manager”, “Disponent” and “Betriebswirt”. I'm starting to feel like I'm being squeezed between the pages of a fat business directory.

22:29 An “engineer” asks me in an extremely short message how it works and whether I would like to write. I'm tempted for a moment with a simple “Gut. Yes." to answer. Instead, I search his profile for interesting conversations - in vain. His personal quote is simply “Huhu”, his three most important things in life: “Family, hobbies”. Isn't there something missing? Is the Lord a man of few words or doesn't he get three important things together? Suddenly I get pity and write a long message back. Someone should say again that my male side is too big.

22:30 End for today. Tomorrow it goes on.

Test report on Spaceship over 5 million members in Germany

  • Very serious partner exchange
  • TUV SUD America certified
  • Lots of registered members
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners through well-founded personality tests
  • Helpful tips in the magazine "or"
  • Large selection of single events
  • Warm community and friendly tone
  • Very big service factor
  • Multiple premieres and awards

The next day

09:02 Go on. Dreamed of inkblot pictures, my male side and the nice placeholder picture guy. There are twelve notifications waiting in the inbox, which I will first plow through with coffee in hand.

09:03 A "Head of Online" likes my comment on the point "As a child I was firmly convinced that ..." I replied with: "That the word does not mean" accident "but" accident "because people fall over, and that it is not "assassination" but "monkey act" because the act is a monkey. I wasn't that wrong. ”Mr.“ Head of Online ”also wrote a fairly long message, which I will answer first.

09:24 A new message in the inbox. A “nurse” and self-proclaimed cake expert can hardly wait and would like to meet me directly to eat baked goods together. I write back, vaguely suggesting a made-up diabetes illness and not even mentioning the meeting. Instead, I ask how the “cake expert” in him gets along with his work in the medical field.

09:37 A “sales manager” sends me a nice, individual message and asks if he should travel to Scotland and why. With these questions he grabbed me by the balls of my male side. Before I know it, I've already replied to him with an eternally long travel report with lots of insider tips. Only after submitting the answer do I wonder if that wasn't too much of a good thing. But at least the Lord did everything right.

09:43 A “teacher” likes my photo. I like the taste of the "teacher".

10:28 New messages from “Multimedia Editor”, “Department Manager”, “Software Architect”, “Pedagogue” and another “Teacher”. In addition, a sent smile from an “engineer” and a welcome greeting from a “developer”. Responses from “Public Service”, “Self-employed”, “Ad Manager”, “Pedagogue” and “Head of Online”. My head is spinning.

10:58 New fun questions from “Engineer” and “Future IT Expert”. I answer the questions and think to myself that I could certainly be a “Future Expert” in something.

12:36 A quality engineer seems to have approved me and simply asks “Do you like to write?”. Another “engineer” writes to me: “Oops, that was once a flat belly landing 😉”. I don't understand, but in a direct comparison, the first message comes off rather poorly for me. The slightly confusing belly-clap email is given an originality stamp from me. I can also do quality checks.

12:41 New messages from “Pedagogue”, “Future IT Expert”, “ Travel Agent ”, “Managing Director” and “Occupational Therapist”. A reply from “Multimedia Editor” as well as a smile and four fun questions from “Wirtschaftsinformatiker”.

On the finishing line

12:49 An “occupational therapist” writes to me and starts off with my personal quote. I already feel dissed again and already feel the choleric male side boiling up in me. Fortunately, I finished reading the message: “No, seriously. It's nice to read your profile. " That goes down like oil.

12:52 A gentleman from “Process Management” writes to me and asks without further ado whether we want to have a drink because he will be in town for a short while soon. But he's in a hurry. In his profile information he has under the point "I should more often ..." with the words "... be more patient." answered. Where he's right, he's right.

Example of a "farewell". © Spaceship

12:54 I just noticed that I've already received two baskets. From one of the educators I get the pre-prepared message "Take care, but ... I would prefer not to make any further contacts at the moment." A train driver writes "Take care, but ... I got the impression that we don't really fit together." Wow, that hurts and scratches the ego. I suppress my male choleric side and think: Not that bad, I'm not that into railroads anyway.

12:56 The 24 hours are over. All that remains to say is: "Take care, but ... I'll definitely have a look again." Now it goes to the evaluation, statistics and assessment of the first 24 hours.


24-hour practical test Spaceship - The numbers for the first 24 hours

Total messages received: 48

thereof new messages: 31

of which reply messages: 17

Receive “Smile”: 14

Received “Fun Questions”: 6

“Like” tags:   7th

"Welcome greetings" received: 1

Received “farewells” (baskets): 2

Conclusion and recommendation

The first 24 hours with Spaceship were fun. The audience is easy-going, relaxed and young - or at least young at heart.

The user activity increases sharply after about two hours. As soon as the uploaded photo was released by Spaceship and made visible, the contact requests increased. A successful profile picture is worth it - you can find out what to look out for in our article on the subject . Since tests were carried out on a working day, there was another real rushour when it came to making contact.

Spaceship invites you to linger. This is also ensured by the modern layout and the clear structure . Everything looks relaxed, nice and not stilted.


Compared to other partner exchanges, you can try out a lot with a free basic membership at Spaceship, take your time to look around and use all the features that belong to an initial contact. However, if you really want to get to know people, you should go directly to the premium membership and use unlimited messages, sharp profile photos and the full range of contact options.

By the way, the detailed Parship test report is available here.

Balance sheet


- Relaxed audience

- Nice tone

- Nice design and clear structure

- Serious dating agency with verified members

- During the 24-hour trial period:

No contact with stalkers, questionable members or romance scammers.


- User titles by job title lead to confusion.

- Flood of emails (during test: 94 emails, note notification options!)


- Great feel-good factor with guaranteed fun. You want to stay here.

Test report on Spaceship over 5 million members in Germany

  • Very serious partner exchange
  • TUV SUD America certified
  • Lots of registered members
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners through well-founded personality tests
  • Helpful tips in the magazine "or"
  • Large selection of single events
  • Warm community and friendly tone
  • Very big service factor
  • Multiple premieres and awards

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