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Test report on Singletreffen.en

  1. Modern page in the "Instagram look"
  2. Entertaining feature "speed dating"
  3. Completely free for women
  4. Successful app with the "flirt radar" feature
Over 500,000 members Singletreffen.en presents the user profiles of the singles in a kind of Instagram environment. The "speed dating" feature is an entertaining highlight where you can find a new partner online and in a fast run. The free user profile has limitations and a scientific personality test is missing.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
8 good
6.6 "6.6 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
6 satisfactory
7 satisfactory
Target group and chances of success
6 satisfactory
Customer service
6 satisfactory
8 8 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

Women enjoy a few advantages at Singletreffen.en. You don't have to pay anything for membership. Thanks to the free user profile for female users, the female-male ratio remains relatively balanced. If male members opt for a paid premium account, they can enjoy the same advantages as women at Singletreffen.en.

Here is an overview of the terms and prices:

Premium packages for men

running time costs
1 month $ 39.90
3 months $ 29.90 / month
6 months $ 24.90 / month

(As of May 2019)

Services of the various packages

Those who opt for a premium membership can send and read messages without restriction. In addition, the profiles and photos of other members can be viewed in full. As a premium member, you can also find out who has visited your site and who you liked.

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted for single meetings:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit
  • by transfer
6 6 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

According to its own information, the single exchange Singeltreffen.en rated itself as safe and serious.

As soon as users leave comments and other contributions, their IP addresses are saved. This is done for the security of the provider: If someone writes illegal content in comments and contributions (insults, forbidden political propaganda, etc.), Singletreffen.en must be liable in the worst case. The provider is interested in the identity of the author so that he cannot be prosecuted in the event.

Personal data such as name, e-mail address or telephone number, preferences and hobbies are only collected, used and passed on by the provider if this is permitted by law or if the users consent to the data collection.

The site is not part of the Spin Code and is not certified by the Technical Inspection Association.

Singletreffen.en has not yet received any noteworthy awards and prizes.

7 7 out of 10 points


Registration at singletreffen.en is free.

An email address and a personal password are required for registration. After registering, the user can enter personal information about himself and his partner.

The site is very simple. At the top there are the menu items “Contacts”, “Messages”, “Search”, “Speed ​​Dating” and “Profile”.

"Speed ​​dating" feature

The absolute highlight of the site is the speed dating function, which works according to the Tinder principle. Potential candidates for a are presented to the seeker here.

The user can use "I like" or "I don't like" to decide whether or not they are interested in a with the proposed Only. If the user clicks on "I don't like", the next candidate will be introduced. If he clicks on “Like”, the first step towards a is taken. Now the other person only has to return the interest shown, and then the first step towards a is taken. Alternatively, the speed dating candidates can also be written to.

Modern design and app

The extra large view of the profile photos is almost reminiscent of an Instagram environment and makes the page look fresh, young and modern. The profile photos are also visible in the free profile and are arranged in rows and one below the other on the home page - this provides a better overview. It also makes it easier to compare other singles .

There is no mobile website, but the free app "AppYou" is available.

The official Singletreffen.de app "AppYou" is available for Apple and Android devices. The login takes place either via Singletreffen.en or via Facebook. Popular features such as "speed dating", the chat function and search are also available via the app. In addition, "AppYou" offers a so-called "Flirtadar" on which the singles are displayed in the immediate vicinity.

6 6 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

The dating platform is aimed at singles aged 18 and over. The main age group of seekers, however, is between 30 and 49 years. The ratio of women to men is fairly balanced at 45 to 55 percent. However, this is also due to the fact that women do not have to pay anything for the services.

The dating site does not offer a personality test, as is the case with many dating sites. When registering, however, questions about the character and personal preferences can be answered, which results in a kind of self-assessment.

There is no “partner suggestions” section. Searching for a dating partner can only be done through a search. Partner suggestions are obtained by limiting the age and specifying the desired place of residence. It is also possible to narrow the distance further or only show profiles with a photo in the result list. In addition, the user can search for a specific keyword or a pseudonym.

Filter functions

The menu item “Search” is used to find suitable candidates. The following search criteria can be set here:

  • gender
  • Age
  • country
  • place
  • Radius
  • User name

Under the menu item “Contacts”, the user can filter his partner suggestions according to the following criteria:

  • Visitors
  • find me good
  • I find it good
  • Matches!
  • Who's Online?

Profiles & Photos

If you are looking for suitable singles, you can look at the various photos and profiles of the other users. In addition to the profile picture, information on the login status, the gender you are looking for, as well as age, location, height, weight and relationship status are displayed. On a second profile view that can be opened, information on hair and eye color, figure, type, family status, education, occupation, religion, own household, smoking habits, sportiness and zodiac sign can be viewed.

The get-to-know

Other singles are suggested to the user through extra large profile photos. By clicking on the “I think that's good” button, you express that you are interested in the other person. The popular "speed dating" feature works according to the same principle. In addition, you can send a message to other singles, for which male members need a premium account.

6 6 out of 10 points

Customer service

The customer service is very clearly structured.

For questions or ambiguities there is the predefined FAQ area “Help and Support”, where any questions are answered in detail. If the answer was not helpful enough, the user can use the contact form to make specific inquiries. The quality of customer service was satisfactory during our test.

Conclusion: pluses & minuses

One of the shortcomings is certainly that there is a relatively small number of registered members on the dating site. You can only find suitable partners by specifying preferences, place of residence and age. There is no personality test (as is customary at many dating sites) on this dating site.

Singletreffen.en scores points with its popular "Speed ​​Dating" feature and the "Flirtradar" app function, which shows the user singles in their immediate vicinity. The design of the site is convincing across the board: simple, modern and visually oriented. The site is also completely free for women.

Singles who want to get to know people quickly and easily are in good hands here.

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