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Review of DatingKey.en

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  1. High data security and few fake profiles
  2. A lot of registered members
  3. Large advice area "cafeteria"
  4. Large selection of single events and single trips
  5. Many features: "sympathy click", "question of the week" and "3 questions"
  6. Short minimum term: 3 or 6 months possible
Over 1.7 million members With over 1.7 million registered singles, DatingKey.en is one of the largest online dating sites in Germany. The portal has been successfully mediating singles aged 35 and over for 20 years now. However, there are restrictions on the free user profile and no scientific personality test.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
8 good
7.6 "7.6 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
6 satisfactory
8 good
Target group and chances of success
6 satisfactory
Customer service
10 very good
8 8 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

There is both a free and a paid DatingKey.de membership. After registering for free, the user can decide whether he would like to take up the paid membership.

The free basic account offers only limited functions, such as limited communication. The profiles of the candidates and the profile photos are displayed in full with the basic membership. You can send a "sympathy click" to suitable partners and save the users as favorites in a personal list. However, a premium account is required to write messages.

Premium variants with different terms

DatingKey.en offers three premium variants, which are based on the different minimum terms. The minimum term of the premium membership can be chosen between 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. It should be noted that the different terms also include different functions and services. The cost of membership varies depending on the length of the contract. Here are the prices of the premium packages:

Premium packages for men and women

running time costs
3 months $ 19.95 / month
6 months $ 17.45 / month
12 months $ 14.95 / month

(As of May 2019)

Unlike many other dating sites, DatingKey.en publishes the specific costs for membership on its own homepage. The pricing policy is communicated transparently and very openly with this provider.

Free trial week

If you want to get a taste of the various functions of DatingKey.en, you can test the provider with a free trial week. To do this, DatingKey.en requires its new members to provide a copy of their photo ID, which can be sent by email / phone or uploaded to the site.

Various functions and services are included in the premium packages:

With the three-month premium membership:

  • you can contact them directly.
  • you can write unlimited messages.

With the six-month premium membership:

  • there is a price advantage of 24%.
  • you can search and find singles.
  • you can contact them directly.
  • you can write unlimited messages.

With the twelve-month premium membership:

  • there is a price advantage of 40%.
  • you can search and find singles.
  • you can get in direct contact.
  • you can write unlimited messages.
  • no advertising is displayed.

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted at DatingKey.en:

  • Credit card
  • Transfer
  • Direct debit
  • PayPal
  • Giropay
6 6 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

Security & Transparency

The single exchange is characterized by a high level of data security.

According to DatingKey.en, all photos of the members are checked by support. In addition, the profiles of the users are randomly checked. The members decide for themselves who gets to see which photos. In addition, members of DatingKey.en can show other users that their account is not a fake profile. By uploading the ID you can receive the "I am real" certificate.

An encrypted internet connection is used when transmitting sensitive data such as bank account numbers or credit card numbers. In addition, according to DatingKey.en, the data will never be passed on to third parties.

DatingKey.en has not yet been issued a TUV SUD America certificate.

Honourings and prices

DatingKey.en has already received the following prizes and awards:

  • In 2017, the platform took second place in the "TestBILD" test in the "Best Service Quality 2017/2018" category.
  • In 2016, DatingKey.en came out on top as the best single exchange in the "Website" category in the "Stiftung Warentest" test. In addition, the portal received a "very good" for the search options and secure data encryption.
  • In 2015, the single exchange achieved a "very good" rating in the Focus Money test in the categories of seriousness, website and customer support.
  • In 2014 the platform was named the best single exchange by the comparison portal "Netzsieger".
  • In 2014 DatingKey.en was chosen by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) as the double test winner in the areas of security standards and contractual conditions.
  • In 2013, DatingKey.en was voted the best single exchange by the test portal "test.de ".
  • In 2011 the platform was declared the best single exchange by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ).
  • In 2011, Stiftung Warentest named the portal the best single exchange.

8 8 out of 10 points


Registration at DatingKey.en is free. An email address, zip code and a personal password are required to register. The user can choose the pseudonym himself.

Page structure

The site is relatively user-friendly. At the top there are the menu items “Singles”, “News”, “Single Events”, “Single Travel”, “Cafeteria” and “My Details”. Special offers for members are offered under the items “Single Events” and “Single Travel”. The point “Cafeteria” is an online guide with lots of content and tips about flirting and finding a partner.

There is no personality test, but the user's preferences are asked for. This is followed by suitable partner suggestions.

Mobile view and app

If you want to flirt on the go, you can use DatingKey.en's mobile view. However, there is currently no app of its own.

6 6 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

According to their own statement, the chances of success are 51 percent. DatingKey.en specializes in the placement of singles aged 35 and over, but younger members are also well represented here. The ratio of women to men is relatively balanced at 53 to 47 percent. In contrast to many other dating sites, there is even a slight surplus of women in the membership structure.

There is no personality test as is the case, for example, with partner exchanges. As is typical for dating sites, the members look for the right partner themselves.

Filter functions

There is no section “Partner Suggestions” on DatingKey.en. However, you get some if you look for other singles under the menu item “Search”. Here, the age of the candidates, the desired postcode and the distance to their place of residence can be limited manually. It is also possible to only display profiles with photos or to search for a specific keyword and a pseudonym. This is followed by suitable partner suggestions.

Profiles & Photos

The photos of other members can be viewed with a free basic profile. The profiles of other users are also displayed in full.

Right next to the profile picture is a personal description of the candidate. Below you will find the items age, relationship status, place of residence, size, appearance and marital status. At the end of the profile, a self-assessment “About me” is displayed as well as the “Question of the week”, if the candidate has answered it.

The get-to-know

The first contact can take place via a "sympathy click" or "3 questions" that the other person can answer. In order to send a personal message to the users, however, one must have a premium account.

10 10 out of 10 points

Customer service

The customer service is clearly structured. There is a large and extensive "Help" area for questions or uncertainties. All questions are answered in detail in the FAQ. If the answer wasn't helpful enough, users can send an email to customer service. During our test, questions were answered quickly and satisfactorily.

Online guide

In the large "Cafeteria" advice area, DatingKey.en offers its members tips and tricks on a wide variety of topics and areas. There are the following categories:

  • Tips (profile creation, single life and getting to know each other)
  • Columns (opinions on current topics)
  • Horoscopes (tips for different zodiac signs)
  • Success Stories (Couples and Their Stories)
  • This is how it works (information and tips about the platform)

Lots of singles events and trips

The single exchange offers an immense selection of special single events across Germany. Sports activities and hikes can be found under the "Active & Fit" category. The "Date & Dance" category offers club nights and dance courses. Under "Eat & Drink" you will find cooking courses, so-called "Jumping Dinner", bar crawls or brunch Sundays. The "Leisure & Experiences" category lists billiards tournaments, bowling evenings and casino events. A wide variety of offers can be found under "Lifestyle".

For single trips, the single exchange even offers its own section, which is divided into the sub-categories "Ski & Mountains", "Sun & Sea", "Culture & Enjoyment", "Active & Fit", "Wind & Water", "City & Experience "as well as" long-distance and round trip ".


The single exchange has existed for 20 years and is considered serious. The high number of registered members increases the chance of finding the right partner immensely. If you are looking for suitable singles, you can find what you are looking for using the filter functions and will be served suitable partner suggestions directly.

DatingKey.en members get their money's worth thanks to the immensely large selection of singles events and trips. The large advice area scores with many articles on the subject of flirting, dating and single life.

The premium offers can be booked with relatively short terms such as 3 or 6 months.

One of the disadvantages is that the free membership has limited features. Like many other dating sites, DatingKey.en does not take a personality test. A TUV SUD America certificate and an app are missing so far.

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