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Review of eSweetheart

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  1. Verified member profiles (additional identity verification possible)
  2. Very high data security
  3. Targeted matching of suitable partners
  4. Detailed personality test
  5. Very high number of registered members
  6. Large advice area
  7. Short minimum term of 7 days, 3 months or 6 months possible
almost 3 million members in Germany The eSweetheart partner exchange is reputable and offers a high number of registered members. The search for a partner is enormously facilitated by the detailed personality test and the targeted matching with suitable partners. With the free user profile, however, only very limited communication is possible.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
8 good
8.6 "8.6 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
9 very good
10 very good
Target group and chances of success
8 good
Customer service
8 good
8 8 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

There is both free and paid “eSweetheart” membership. In addition to the free personality test and partner suggestions, the free user profile only offers limited functions. Although the profiles of the partner proposals can be viewed and "5 questions" and a "smile" can be sent, further communication is severely restricted. Photos are only blurred. Once you have found a suitable partner, a premium membership is definitely required for the intensive exchange of messages.

Premium membership offers limitless communication

If you want to find a partner and get to know it better through the unlimited exchange of messages, you should consider a premium membership. Premium members are also guaranteed a so-called "contact guarantee". It makes it possible to obtain a minimum number of suitable partners.

The costs for a premium membership vary depending on the length of the contract. Here is an overview of the premium packages that can be booked:

running time costs
3 months $ 79.90 / month
6 months $ 49.90 / month
12 months $ 37.90 / month

(As of May 2019)

In contrast to many other partner exchanges, eSweetheart publishes the specific costs for a membership on its own homepage. The pricing policy is communicated transparently and openly with this provider.

Premium membership benefits

Premium membership offers many advantages. The user can view all profile photos or send unlimited messages. In addition, a list of profile visitors is displayed and you can use the mobile app without restrictions.
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The "contact guarantee" should also help to find the right partner. The longer the term, the higher the number of guaranteed contacts with other singles. With a 6-month term, there are 10 guaranteed contacts - with a 12-month term, 20 and with a 24-month term, 40 contacts are guaranteed. "Contact" means that a type of communication is established. This can take the form of a smile, 5 questions sent or a personal message.

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted at eSweetheart:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Direct debit
9 9 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

The online dating service is characterized by a high level of reliability and comprehensive data protection regulations.

On the site, all data is only transmitted in encrypted form using the SSL process and can therefore not be viewed by other users.

Honourings and prices

eSweetheart has received the following awards so far:

  • In 2015, "Focus Money" and "Deutschland Test" recognized the portal as the best dating agency for the second time.
  • In 2014 eSweetheart was tested by the "German Society for Consumer Studies". Here the partner exchange received the award "Best user friendliness" and achieved an overall rating of 2.6.
  • In 2014 eSweetheart was awarded the grade "Very Good" by "Focus Money" and "Deutschland Test" as the best dating agency.
  • In 2013, the dating agency was rated “Good” (1.7) by the portal “tested.en”. The website, the price-performance ratio and the new customer service were tested.

Security and transparency

On the website of eSweetheart you can find many tips and advisory texts on the subject of "safety when online dating". Anyone interested in eSweetheart's data protection declaration can find out more about the specific provisions in texts on the subject of "data protection" and data security ".

A "code of conduct" informs the members about the tone, discretion, dealing with intrusive users and violations. Users of a paid account can also have an identity check carried out to confirm their authenticity.

10 10 out of 10 points


Registering with eSweetheart is free. An email address and a personal password are required to register. Other data relevant for registration, such as of birth and gender, can alternatively be imported via Facebook using “one-click registration”.

The page is clearly structured and guides you through the registration process in small steps. The free personality test contains 280 questions. It is partially illustrated with pictures and tries to cover the subject areas in an entertaining way. Appropriate partner suggestions are then immediately made. The customer can then decide whether to test the free profile or immediately take advantage of the paid tariff.

Mobile site and app

A mobile website is available. The user can also access the site via tablet or mobile phone.

The free eDarling app is available for Apple and Android devices. You can also write messages, send smiles, view partner suggestions or edit your own profile while on the go. Thanks to push notification you are always up to date.
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The article "24-hour practical test eSweetheart: The protocol" shows what the first 24 hours on the eSweetheart partner exchange can look like .

8 8 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

The dating agency is aimed at singles aged 18 and over. The main age group of seekers, however, is between 25 and 60 years. The ratio of women to men is very balanced at 52 to 48 percent, with women slightly in the majority here.

The partner exchange promises good chances of success through a comprehensive personality test and the subsequent matching process with suitable partners. Anyone who has a premium membership is also guaranteed a so-called "contact guarantee".

Personality test & matching

When registering, the member performs a personality test in which 280 questions about their own character, relationship behavior and everyday life are answered. The results of the analysis are made available free of charge on the user profile.

The following five dimensions are evaluated in the personality test:

  1. conscientiousness
  2. compatibility
  3. openness
  4. Extraversion
  5. Neuroticism

The daily routine and organizational skills are queried in the “Conscientiousness” area. The ability to interact with other people is assessed in the “Compatibility” section. The “openness” category describes how interested, communicative and approachable you are. The so-called “extraversion” shows whether you tend to surround yourself with other people or if you feel more comfortable alone. The area of ​​“neuroticism” summarizes the ability to feel or be emotional.

Matching procedure

After the personality test, suitable partners are generated using a matching process and presented directly as partner suggestions. Singles with a lot in common are indicated by a heart symbol. It also shows which candidates have visited your own profile.

If you are specifically looking for a religious partner, you can use the personality test to determine that only partners who feel they belong to a religious group will be suggested.

eDarling Video: Can Science Help Find Love?

Filter functions

The following filter settings are available for the partner proposals:

  • Latest
  • Not seen yet
  • distance
  • Age
  • Alphabetical
  • Online status

Profiles & Photos

The profiles of the individual partner proposals can also be viewed in full with basic membership. However, the photos are not displayed in the free version.

In addition to the profile picture, there is information on the age and search area of ​​the matching partner. This includes the items profession, height, ethnicity, smoking habits and desire for children.
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In the bottom section of the user profile there is a personally written comment with the heading “You should know about ...” and the hobbies. The strengths and weaknesses are also listed here. In addition, the following self-written answers are fully visible:

  • In a relationship Thomas * is looking for:
  • If Thomas * had one wish, he would wish:
  • Things Thomas * could never part with:
  • That makes Thomas * laugh:
  • Friends would describe Thomas * like this:

Each of these answers can be "liked" by other users. Users with a premium profile can also write a personal comment on each answer.

* Sample name

The get-to-know

The first contact can take place in three ways: You can send a smile, send five fun questions or write a personal message directly.

eDarling video: "Tips for a successful partner search"

However, for unlimited entertainment, the user must have a premium account. However, photos that have been sent and personally written messages can only be viewed with a paid membership.

8 8 out of 10 points

Customer service

The customer service is clearly structured.

For questions or ambiguities, there is the FAQ area, where the most common ambiguities are answered. If the answer was not helpful enough, users with a premium account can access a second help page with further questions.

In addition, those looking for help can contact customer service by email or telephone. The quality of customer service was satisfactory during our test.

Relationship guide

In the online guide from eSweetheart there are many interesting reports on the topics of single life, relationships, family, psychology, sexuality and success plans. Among other things, there is also a detailed description of the eDarling method and the matching process.


The partner exchange eSweetheart is considered to be very serious and offers a high number of registered members. The search for a partner is made enormously easier by the detailed personality test and the targeted matching process with suitable partners.

Other pluses include the extensive online guide, the great service factor and the high level of data security.

One of the disadvantages is certainly that with the free account only a very limited communication is possible. The second help area can only be used by users with a premium account. Another downside is that the photos are not visible to users with a free membership.

If you are wondering what the first 24 hours on the eSweetheart partner exchange look like, you should take a look at the article "24-hour practical test eSweetheart: The protocol" .

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