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3 “unique” Hudson Valley campgrounds for sale

Three “unique” Hudson Valley campgrounds are for sale. Each is sold separately.

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3 “unique” Hudson Valley campgrounds for sale

Three “unique” Hudson Valley campgrounds are for sale. Each is sold separately.

Cushman & Wakefield sells three unique properties currently owned by the Greater Hudson Valley County of the Boy Scouts of America. The properties are all sold separately.

Camp Bullowa is a 313 acre property located at Stony Point in Rockland County. The camp includes a variety of buildings and a waterfront area on its own Lake Boyce.

Camp Bullowa

  • 17 Franck Road, Stony Point, New York State
  • 313 acres
  • Road and electric access to most of the camp
  • 1 lake

Durland Scout Reservation is a 1,385 acre property located in the Putnam Valley, Putnam County, just north of Westchester County. The property has a variety of cabins and two lakes.

Durland Scout Reservation

  • 65-300 Clear Lake Road, Putnam Valley, NY
  • 1,385 acres
  • Routes to the majority of the camp
  • Public services in the main camp areas
  • 9 group cabins
  • 2 lakes

Camp Nooteming is a 272 acre property located in Salt Point in Dutchess County. The property has a number of structures, a lake and various sports facilities.

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Nooteming Camp

  • 22-169 Camp Nooteeming Road, Salt Point, NY
  • 272 acres
  • 1 lake
  • Road and utility access to most of the camp
  • 4 seasons visitor center
  • Sports facilities: regulation 16U softball; swimming pool, regulation synthetic turf football field

The prices of the campsites are not indicated. CLICK HERE to inquire about any property.

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