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How we test

If you want to find out more about partner searches and dating platforms, DatingTips is the right place for you. We not only offer our readers advice articles on topics such as flirting, being single, relationships, separation and love, but also detailed reviews of the largest matchmaking agencies , single sites and casual dating providers.

How are our test reports created?

In order to extensively test the various providers, our editors have registered with the largest and most popular dating sites and dating apps . We would like to give our readers a comprehensive insight into the various functions and service packages. That is why our testers not only check free basic memberships, but also the various premium memberships.

To evaluate the respective providers, we take a closer look at various sub-areas. These categories include the points “Contract and Costs”, “Data Security and Seriousness”, “Usability and Handling”, “Target Group and Chances of Success” and “Customer Service”. In the “conclusion”, the special features as well as the advantages and disadvantages are then compared once again.

The evaluation is as follows: Our testers award points from 0 to 100 in the five categories, with 100 corresponding to the full number of points and the best result. Incidentally, all categories are weighted equally for the assessment. The points are then converted into decimal numbers from 1 to 10. The higher the score in our test reports , the better the provider was rated by us.

How do we work

Our website DatingTips provides links to various dating agencies, dating sites, casual dating providers and apps. In some of our advice articles there are also references to thematically appropriate products. These links are so-called “Affiliate Links”. If a user registers with a provider via one of these “affiliate links” or orders a product, we sometimes receive a commission. This agency fee is borne exclusively by the respective provider and not by the user.

The reviews and advice articles contain both affiliate links and links for which no commission is charged. The test results can be promoted and influenced by the respective participants. Nevertheless, the criteria and categories for our strict quality controls are defined in advance and are the same for all providers. Here you can be sure: All evaluations are only based on intensive research.

Many of the links are made available by the editors completely free of charge, simply because, in our opinion, they are good providers and products. At DatingTips, we see ourselves as an independent online advisor and a neutral comparison portal. We always make our recommendations to the best of our knowledge.

Your opinion is important to us!

Do you want to get rid of praise, criticism or a question? Perhaps you also have suggestions for us or topic suggestions for future articles? We always look forward to your feedback. Just write us an email:

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We can only get better with your help.