• Dating app Lemon dating app for lazy people

    Your dishes are piling up, the sun is shining outside, but you prefer to hang around lazily on the sofa? Then Lemon is the right dating app for you. Here you will find people who are just as lazy as you are.

  • Blaze Online Blaze now also on desktop

    Blaze is one of the most famous dating apps. So far the portal was only accessible via Android and iOS, but soon there will also be “Blaze Online”.

  • Dating app User analysis Spring fever: Users in flirt fever

    Spring is the season for flirting. At least in the dating apps, users write diligently to find a new partner.

  • Blaze sex, love, friendship. What are the members looking for?

    50 million people worldwide use the Blaze dating app. However, a recent study shows that most users are not even looking for a Dating Tips here. This is a problem for users who want to find a partner here.

  • LoveScout Study Women expect their partner to earn more

    In a LoveScout study, European men and women were asked about the distribution of income in their partnership.

  • Shortly before Easter: Jesus spotted on Blaze

    Shortly before Easter, the Son of God himself is spotted more and more frequently on Blaze. How is Jesus doing among all the sinners? And who is behind the Messiah?

  • Study One in two people believes in love for the Internet

    Find love on the internet? Many believe in it and are actively looking for it. That was the result of a Bitkom study.

  • Affengeil Blaze now also for monkeys?

    It's not just people who crave love. Monkeys are also looking for a partner. They should find him with a dating app.

  • Hate is in the air dating app "Hater" matches people who hate the same things

    Couples with the same preferences are a thing of the past. "Hater" brings people together who hate together.

  • Fake profiles on the casual dating portal “Love Passions” warned

    In "Love Passions" one should make contact with single neighbors. But you don't really meet them here. The Bavarian consumer center sees a problem here.