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Comparison of partner exchanges

Anyone looking for partner exchanges on the Internet is almost overwhelmed by the huge range on offer. Time to compare. Which providers do best in our tough partner market test? And what do the individual dating agencies offer? We'll tell you.

What would today's dating be without online dating? One thing is certain: partner exchanges make the search for soul mates much easier for us . According to a LiveCamLink. , nine million Germans have already looked for the right partner online. More people than live in Austria. Searching the net is not only convenient and fits into our times: it also works. The success rates of dating agencies speak for themselves. According to surveys, every third Internet user gets to know their partner via a dating platform. But which partner exchanges are there? Which one is suitable for whom? And which provider offers what?

Comparison of partner exchanges

We have extensively tested the different providers for you (you can find the individual test reports here ). We not only scrutinized the costs of the different packages, the contracts as well as the reliability and usability , but also the chances of success and customer service . In this partner exchange comparison, we will briefly list the results again.

Spaceship - dating agency

“Every 11 minutes someone only falls in love via Spaceship.” The advertisement sounds promising - but what about the chances of success? Amazingly good, as our test report shows. The scientific matching process actually seems to work. The dating service d convinces hrough a very good use, many services and a large guide area. However, so much service comes at a price. Big plus: Spaceship is one of the most serious dating agencies in Germany. This is also confirmed by the Stiftung Warentest and the Technical Inspection Association Saarland. We can also recommend the dating agency unreservedly.

Test report on Spaceship over 5 million members in Germany

  • Very serious partner exchange
  • TUV SUD America certified
  • Lots of registered members
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners through well-founded personality tests
  • Helpful tips in the magazine "or"
  • Large selection of single events
  • Warm community and friendly tone
  • Very big service factor
  • Multiple premieres and awards

eSweetheart - dating agency

With around two million registered members in Germany, eSweetheart is one of the big fish in the dating pond. The dating service is particularly convincing due to its seriousness, appropriate data protection regulations, short contract periods and simple operation. The targeted matching process is based on a detailed , scientific personality test. Small downer: the free user profile only offers limited communication options.

Test report on eSweetheart almost 3 million members in Germany

  • Verified member profiles (additional identity verification possible)
  • Very high data security
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners
  • Detailed personality test
  • Very high number of registered members
  • Large advice area
  • Short minimum term of 7 days, 3 months or 6 months possible

HeartScout02 - single exchange

HeartScout02 (formerly GayScout) is one of the most successful dating sites in Germany. The platform offers a high fun factor and has many features and little gimmicks such as the “date roulette” . With the regularly held "Saturday Night Fever" events, meetings for singles are organized throughout Germany. In terms of seriousness and customer service, the portal is convincing across the board. There are deductions in the "Usability" category. As is typical for a dating site, there is no personality test.

HeartScout02.en review over 1 million members

  • Very serious dating site
  • Lots of registered members
  • Many new contacts and friend requests in a very short time
  • Large range of single events, events and single trips
  • Entertaining features: "Dateroulette", "Like" button, "smile"
  • Multiple awards and prizes
  • Single exchange with great fun factor

ChallengerPartner - dating agency

As the name suggests, the ChallengerPartner partner exchange is primarily aiming at the successful placement of “academics and singles of high quality”. This special target group makes the search for the right partner a lot easier. In terms of reliability and data protection, the provider keeps what it promises. With 100 percent achieved in the "Usability" category, ChallengerPartner achieved the maximum number of points. There are deductions in the area of ​​costs, since only a few functions are available without a premium membership.

Test report on Challenger partners over 3.5 million members in Germany

  • Serious partner exchange
  • TUV SUD America certified
  • Compressed target group (academics and cultured singles) facilitates partner search
  • Creatively designed, scientific personality test
  • Targeted matching process of suitable partners

Only.en - single exchange

Only.en convinces with many features and technical gadgets such as a so-called "nudge" for initial contact or the "date finder". A big plus: With the free basic membership, unlike many other providers, you can write messages without restrictions. As is typical for a dating site, there is no personality test here either. With the help of the search mask, however, you can make a preselection and search for age or place of residence.

Test report on Only.en over 2 million members in Germany

  • Unrestricted communication with free basic membership
  • Innovative "single feed"
  • Very large number of members
  • Many features: "nudge", "date finder" and "10 questions"
  • Large advice area
  • Successful app & Facebook login

DatingKey - single exchange

The dating service DatingKey is mainly used by singles in their 30s. The platform impresses with its high standards in terms of data security, as customer data is only transmitted in encrypted form. The dating service can also score in the “Seriousness” category. DatingKey offers its members a lot of service - this includes a large advice area and many singles events. It becomes difficult with the costs and the usability. An app there are n ot far - but a mobile version. Since DatingKey is one of the typical dating sites, you have to do without a personality test.

DatingKey.en review over 1.7 million members

  • High data security and few fake profiles
  • A lot of registered members
  • Large advice area "cafeteria"
  • Large selection of single events and single trips
  • Many features: "sympathy click", "question of the week" and "3 questions"
  • Short minimum term: 3 or 6 months possible

new.en - single exchange

With around five million registered members in Germany, new.en is one of the larger single sites in Germany. Again, many features such as a "date-roulette", "Smiles" or "Favorites" g eboten. Typical Love cards, the platform offers its members no s personality test on - but the search proves to be true asset. There are negative points in terms of usability and filter function.

Test report on new.en over 5 million members

  • Serious and TUV SUD America-tested single exchange
  • High membership
  • Successful app with "shuffle" function
  • Many features: "Dateroulette", "Auf gut Glück" and "Smiles"
  • Large advice area and selection of single events
  • Short minimum term possible: 1, 3 or 6 months

Singletreffen.en - single exchange

The single exchange Singletreffen.en actually aims at a target group over 18 years of age. In fact, there are a lot of people between 30 and 49 years old. The young packaging of the page and the layout in the “Instagram look” make a real difference. The platform offers many features such as “speed dating”. The costs for men are relatively low, women surf for free. The negatives include the lack of a personality test and the low number of members.

Test report on Singletreffen.en over 500,000 members

  • Modern page in the "Instagram look"
  • Entertaining feature "speed dating"
  • Completely free for women
  • Successful app with the "flirt radar" feature

Partner.en - dating agency

Partner.en is one of the classic dating agencies , where suitable partners are suggested to the user via the matching process . The personality test is not only very detailed, but also designed in an original and varied manner. Although the costs are relatively cheap, only relatively few members are registered on the platform. It's a shame that the site is only moderately optimized for mobile use.

Test report on Partner.en 750,000 registered members

  • Extensive and originally designed personality test
  • Targeted matching process of suitable partners
  • Low price for a paid account
  • Founding member of the SPIN code (Serious partner search "on the net)

And? Have you already decided where to register? If not, you can take another look at our detailed test reports and take a closer look at all partner exchanges . Anyone who has a favorite, may fall from there directly into the fray.

Dating apps in comparison

If you like to flirt on the go and well-functioning apps are important to you, you should take a look at our article “Dating apps in comparison” . Here we have put the apps of the largest partner and single exchanges through their paces, usability and additional features for you.

Here is an overview of our results:

  • 1
    • Very serious partner exchange
    • TUV SUD America certified
    • Good chance of success
    • Warm community
  • 2
    • Serious dating platform
    • Multiple test winner
    • Fun features
    • Lots of single events and trips
  • 3
    • Serious partner exchange
    • TUV SUD America certified
    • Target group: academics
    • Creative personality test
    • Serious partner exchange
    • TUV SUD America certified
    • High data security
    • Large advice area

Are you more interested in what the first 24 hours on a partner exchange look like and how often you are contacted ? Then our practice tests could be of interest to you. The entire protocol can be read in the articles "24-hour practical test Spaceship" , "24-hour practical test eSweetheart" and "24-hour practical test Challenger partner" .

Well then: happy flirting!