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Dating apps in comparison

There are dating apps like a dime a dozen. Whether it's Blaze, Adult, Balloon, Jaumo or the apps from Spaceship, HeartScout02 or Challenger Partner. What do the little digital jokers offer? Which free apps are there and what makes the individual providers? You can find all information about this in our "Dating apps comparison".

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A look into the pedestrian zone proves that people today would be as good as lost without apps. The guy in front of the Saturn shop window is just checking whether he can get the new Sony television cheaper elsewhere. The older lady across the street is checking the weather and is already rummaging around for the umbrella. The group of girls at the train station check their messages, look for the best connection home and order pizza at the same time. Apps accompany us through everyday life.

It was only a matter of time before we came up with the idea of ​​using the digital companion for flirting, finding a partner or having a short break. And why not? Ordering food and checking fresh meat are sometimes not that far apart.

Let's go for the bacon and look at the most popular apps in the large "Dating Apps Comparison". We looked at “pure” dating apps like Blaze, Adult, Balloon and Co., but also the apps of the largest dating sites. The most popular services here are certainly those of HeartScout02 and Challenger Partners. Let's get started and use the app.

Apps from partner exchanges

First, let's take a look at the dating apps from providers who should know something of their craft: dating agencies and dating sites . With such dating platforms, the apps were only developed as an additional offer for the members after the already successful websites. But that doesn't make them any less interesting. In contrast to pure app providers, apps such as those from Spaceship , HeartScout02 or eSweetheart offer scientific matching procedures, verified member profiles, advice areas and great data security. Such a large range of services naturally costs something. It is definitely worth taking a look at it for free.

Parship app

With 5 million members, Spaceship is your big partner exchange in Germany. If you are looking for an adventure quickly, this is the wrong place. At Spaceship, the name says it all: Every 11 minutes, one Only should fall in love and check in on board the “MS Zweisamkeit”. The app for iPhone and Android devices not only looks good. In a slimmed-down version, it offers all the features and applications that are also available on the homepage. All the news, suitable partner suggestions and previous contacts can be found here at a glance. The user can not only send a “smile” via the app, but also start the search and fish individually for suitable partners. Thanks to push notifications and an extra large photo view, flirting on the go is really fun. As with most reputable dating agencies, a premium membership is required for the all-round package. Registration does not cost anything and if you really want to find love, you can invest something for it.

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Challenger partner app

Similar to Spaceship , Challengerpartner has dedicated itself entirely to the search for great love. However, there is a big difference between the two big fish in the partner exchange pool. Challenger partner has a certain target group in its sights: academics and singles with class. This is where students, high earners and the establishment meet and, with a bit of luck, cruise towards the sunset in Monte Carlo, holding hands. The Challengerpartner app is convincing across the board: In addition to the basic functions such as reading and sending messages, sifting through partner suggestions and processing profile information, Challengerpartner also serves us some exquisite digital delicacies. This includes the well thought-out area search, which shows singles in the immediate vicinity. In addition, you have access to all the content of the extensive Challenger Partner magazine when you are out and about: Priceless if you want to get tips for topics of conversation, the right location or no-gos before your first . Such a service is of course not free. But real love is priceless.

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LoveScout24 app

Where Spaceship and Challenger Partners are dedicated to the search for the right soul mate, HeartScout02 is a little more relaxed. As is typical for a dating site, the members here primarily want to get to know new people. The dating site, which received top marks, has developed an app that can be easily measured against Blaze, Balloon and Co. The “Date Roulette” feature, for example, works according to the Tinder principle: Here, the user is presented with suitable singles, which are sorted into the right drawer (or bin) in no time using the “Yes”, “Maybe” or “Next” buttons can. The area search “Around me” shows flirtatious singles in the immediate vicinity and is strongly reminiscent of the “Live Radar” from Balloon (more on that later). In addition, HeartScout02 offers its members all the features and functions that are also available when using the desktop: sending messages and “smiles”, browsing profiles, individually searching and filtering singles and browsing for LoveScout24 events. If you want to use HeartScout02 to the full extent, you cannot avoid a premium membership. Compared to pure app providers, there is a lot on offer.

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eDarling app

Although eSweetheart has not been around as long as Spaceship , Challengerpartner or HeartScout02 , the Berlin company is now one of the most renowned dating agencies in Germany. ESweetheart also relies on the mediation of great love - but the premium membership with eSweetheart costs a little less compared to, for example, Spaceship. In addition, eSweetheart takes its members More by the hand: The multi-stage process of getting to know each other makes it easier to get started and is particularly suitable for shy singles. The eDarling app is limited to the essentials, but offers all the basic functions of the desktop version. This includes reading and sending messages, viewing partner suggestions and profile visitors as well as uploading photos directly from the smartphone. One of the highlights is certainly the “what if” function, in which eSweetheart throws at least some of its matching algorithms overboard and presents candidates to members who would otherwise have fallen out of the ordinary. So you can finally get to know singles whose height is perhaps two centimeters below the desired size.

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Differences to regular apps

Apps from dating agencies and dating sites have a clear advantage over “pure” app providers: Most of the providers have been in business for a long time, are constantly refining their matching processes and offer the full feel-good program with large advice magazines and singles events. Such services are of course not free. Accordingly, the apps of the major partner exchanges are free - but those who want to use the many features and unlimited contact options should consider a premium membership. Free sniffing can be worthwhile. But if you prefer something cheaper, more playful and slimmed down, you should rely on app classics such as Blaze, Adult, Balloon and Co.

Blaze dating app

If you are interested in dating apps, there is no way around Blaze . Like all good social media phenomena, the success story of the flirt app began on an American campus. The name says it all at Blaze: What began as “tinder” spread from the University of Southern California all over the world and soon developed into a veritable conflagration.

How does Blaze work?

The recipe for success is simple and ingenious. Blaze is limited to the essentials: the look. The user is shown photos of registered members in the immediate vicinity. If you can't get so much from the other person, swipe the photo to the left. If you like what you see, you swipe to the right - swiping is the name of the addictive phenomenon. With a subtle “It's a match!” You are informed that the other person thinks the same way. Now you can chat and flirt without restraint. With the focus on the location of the willing single, Blaze is considered a great opportunity for a quick bed story. The flirt app is also suitable for casual dating, nice bar palavers or innocent bar bagatelles.

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What should you know

If you love your data, you should be aware that you can only log in with a valid Facebook profile. The Facebook data and photos are thus linked directly to Blaze. The big data sucking from American climes is a huge market. It can happen that Gilette commissions the operators of Blaze to carry out a study on the sexyness of bearded people .

Which Tinder features cost something?

In terms of costs, Blaze is currently undergoing a change. The basic functions and the adventurous smartphone whiz are still free. For some additional functions, however, you will always be asked to pay more. The costs vary depending on the premium package, the gender and age of the users, although young vegetables have to pay less.

With the “Blaze Plus” subscription, for example, you can set the “Boost” lever in motion once a month: Your own profile is displayed to other singles as a top contact in the immediate vicinity. In addition, 5 super likes can be assigned per day, which should signal an increased interest to the other person. O ne manual Location input for holiday flirts in the package included as well as the popular "undo" function that allows you to be "emergency" can correct in a "hot" and again when it just is no greater drool factor within.

The “Blaze Gold” subscription also includes the features “Mag Dich” and “Top Picks”. Only those singles who have already given a like are shown to the user via the “Like you” button. Here you have virtually free choice and can match interested parties directly from the spot. With the “top picks”, however, you get a selection of particularly exquisite singles. How to make it into this exquisite top selection and how exactly the “top picks” come about, nobody could tell us.

It remains to be seen whether Blaze will continue to offer the basic functions free of charge in the future.

The Tinder “Platinum” subscription also includes the “Priority Like” feature, with which a “Like” takes precedence over the other likes. You can also super-like an interesting specimen and send a message before it has even matched or crackled. Ultimately, everyone has to decide for you whether such paid functions are worthwhile.

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Tip: If Blaze has become too entertaining for you, you should take a look at the dating app "Once". In principle, the whole thing works exactly like Blaze, but the user is only introduced to one person a day. That may be a little bit less compared to Blaze, but the candidate was carefully selected “by hand” beforehand using algorithms and matching processes - just like in a reputable dating site.

Adult dating app

The flirt app Adult saw the light of day in Russia in 2006 and has since found its way to Germany, where it is now one of the largest providers.

How does Adult work?

The best way to find suitable singles on Adult is to use the general search function, or to rummage through the suggestions and write to interesting copies directly. But be careful: The writing of messages is limited to a daily workload. If you want more, you have to dig into your pocket.

A nice feature is the game “Volltreffer”, in which, following the Tinder principle, singles are presented by photo. If you want to meet the other person, click on "Yes". Indecisive yes-and-no-sayers can even fall back on a "maybe". If the opposite looks exactly the same, it comes to the said "direct hit" and you can go into the details via a message.

One advantage of Adult is that, unlike Blaze and Co., you can adjust your location as you like and you are not tied to your hometown when looking for singles.

What should you know

Adult is one of the dating apps with the most users in Germany. However, where there are around 3.5 million singles in this country, you have to reckon with lazy fruits. Adult struggles with the reputation of serving as a platform for a relatively large number of fake profiles.

In addition, the dating app has already made it into the media with negative headlines: According to Vice Magazine , entire databases full of user data are said to have been published on the Internet. This is what happens when you don't use strong or generic passwords. By the way, you can find tips about online dating safety here.

Which Badoo features cost something?

So why is the app so popular anyway? Probably because it's basically free. Most functions and features can be used without having to throw money down the throat of the provider. Adult follows the freemium principle: This means that establishing contact and extravagant flirting does not cost the user anything.

For certain functions such as unlimited contact, digital gifts or a better placement of your own profile, you have to pay for so-called “points” . These “points” can be earned by referring friends, taking part in surveys of cooperation partners or by getting trial subscriptions for magazines and journals. In addition, the “points” can also be purchased - the price depends on the size of the “points package”.

Those who are aiming for a premium membership and want to use the many additional functions can get the so-called "Super Powers" . But be careful! This is a subscription for one, 3, 6 or 12 months, which is automatically renewed if you do not cancel through Adult itself or through the providers iTunes and Google.

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Dating app Balloon

The flirt app Balloon was launched in 2011 by a small Dresden startup company. Like many other dating apps, the platform uses location services to bring people together. Lovoo's flagship is the “Live Radar” feature . Here, the user is shown flirtatious singles and all activities in the immediate vicinity, so that one is directly encouraged to check out the sympathetic fillet from the neighboring street.

© Balloon

The Lovoo app is basically free. However , if you want to use the full range of services and communicate unlimitedly, you should get "VIP access". As a very important only one is put into circulation more often in flirt matching and placed more present. In addition, in the so-called “ghost mode” you can check out the other singles without any inhibitions without them getting wind of it - incognito stalking, if you will.

Some of the many virtual special rights, such as sending digital kisses, can also be paid for with so-called “credits”. Bargain hunters can get the Lovoo currency without money: Those who work hard are rewarded for it - just like in “real” life. And so the much sought-after “credits” can be acquired by logging in daily or by downloading partner apps.

By the way, registering with Balloon is pretty straightforward. Registration via Facebook is possible, but not absolutely necessary - so conspiracy theorists can breathe a sigh of relief. Or not? After all, Balloon was accused of rip-offs and fake suspicion by c't magazine. So specifically intended fake profiles have been brought female users into circulation , visits the automated other profiles and are rated. In a statement published by Balloon, however, the provider firmly rejects these allegations. The documents and emails leaked to the c't magazine could simply be forgeries. Even the computer magazine admits that such data can be manipulated theoretically.

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Attention! In addition, the Heise Online 2016 website revealed that Balloon had deceived its male members with up to 477 fake profiles of female users and brought in around 1.2 million euros. The managing directors have now been released from custody and are now at large.

Tip: Anyone who has ever stumbled upon the Voo flirt app and has racked their brains about the same design, should be helped. The platform comes from the same developer forge and includes the same member base. In contrast to its big sister, however, Voo More focuses on the matching process and a swipe feature that is similar to that of Blaze.

Dating app Once

The dating app Once is often portrayed in the media as the “anti-tinder”. The French app inventor Jean Meyer wanted the service he founded in 2014 to focus on quality instead of quantity. While countless Tinder followers spend half the day swiping wildly left or right, the gears run a little more slowly at Once. Here exactly one candidate is presented to the Only every day, on whom he can focus his full attention for 24 hours (the timer always runs). If you like the other person, you click on a golden crown and wait for the other person's okay to start chatting.

When it comes to singles, Once relies on people instead of machines. While many other providers rely on algorithms, calculations and robot romance, Once uses around 250 so-called “matchmakers” from flesh and blood for the all-important merging. According to Once, the “self-learning algorithms” are only used to make a pre-selection of suitable candidates. These are then checked by trained “matchmakers”, who mainly look at the photos of the singles and assess whether the gut feeling might fit.

All basic functions remain free according to Once. If you want to use additional features for digital flirting, you can buy them with the once-currency “kroner”. This includes the possibility of choosing a candidate from the proposals yourself. In principle, you push yourself with your own profile between the partner proposals of the “matchmakers”. According to Once, the members should only be presented a maximum of two matches a day. What else does kroner cost? There would be, for example, read receipts for previously sent messages and the possibility of contacting singles afterwards even though the 24 hours have already expired.

A wide variety of opinions and reactions to Once can already be found online. The taste of the “matchmaker” seems to be arguable, so that many users buy a self-selected partner proposal via “Krone”. The colleagues from Bento also doubt the talent of the Once coupler. On the other hand, it is reported that the proposals do get better over time. Good things take time - certainly a change for the busy Tinder user.

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Dating app candidate

We love games. We are crazy about our smartphones. And most of us like to have butterflies in our stomach. Three wishes at once? It's feasible - that's what the Austrian makers of the Candidate app thought and launched a completely new introductory game.

Candidate is all about sharing. As a user, you can ask questions to the community, such as “Dear Ketchup or Mayo?”, “Star-Trek or Star-Wars?”, “What time would you like to travel to?” or “What is your secret superpower?”. Three such questions are then sent to five members from the community. As a questioner, you rate the anonymous answers with points and thus choose your sweetheart. Only now can you see the user's profile and chat with them.

This playful approach has two advantages: On the one hand, appearance does not matter at first contact - if you have the funniest, most creative or deepest answers ready, you get ahead. On the other hand, the questions provide you with a direct introduction to the conversation. Instead of a bland "Hi, how are you?" you can start right away with: "I didn't even know that it is a secret superpower when you can turn mosquitoes into wall paint."

Candidate wants to focus on depth and focus on inner values ​​and sympathies. If you want to get to know suitable singles here, you have to trust your nose.

But where you can ask questions unabashedly and completely unfiltered, crude slogans creep in. Female candidate users in particular report being bombarded with sex questions. And not everyone wants to tell a complete stranger about their favorite position. How does that fit with the requirement for depth?

We met with the founder of the app, Markus Mellmann, and asked. He makes it clear that the makers of Candidate attach great importance to the feedback and feedback from the community. You have already noticed that there are a lot of sex questions around. However, censorship or a ban on such questions is out of the question for them. The better solution: Candidate users with a great interest in shoddy questions are channeled and forwarded to their own zones. On the digital playground they can frolic with like-minded people and ask questions about all kinds of nonsense undisturbed. We think this is a successful idea and a good starting point.

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Dating app Jaumo

The flirt app Jaumo was born in Stuttgart and was hatched in 2011 by the two friends Jens Kammerer and Benjamin Roth. The platform is committed to the principle of free flirting. At Jaumo, all basic functions should remain free in the future. Contacting is not limited like many other dating apps. This allows singles to chat with as many users as they want. Although you can treat yourself to nice little things such as a better placement of the profile or a read receipt when sending messages with "VIP membership" or the purchase of "coins", these features are not really necessary to flirt properly. As with the Balloon flirt app, you can also get the "coins" through certain actions such as Facebook likes or More profile pictures.

Registration via Facebook is possible, but not absolutely necessary. The company attaches great importance to complying with data protection guidelines and not passing on any information to third parties. On the whole, Jaumo impresses with its individual profile design and diverse search functions. The app is made for young people and you can tell - not only in the fresh design and the partly free use, but also in the around 10 million members, most of whom are in their 20s. Thanks to the "zapping" function (swiping according to the Tinder principle) and the search for surroundings, flirting on the go is really fun.

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Dating apps from Twoo and See

The flirting apps from Twoo and See are listed separately here because both providers are typical dating sites, but they stand out and are mainly used because of their extensive dating apps.

Dating app Twoo

Let's get started with community giant Twoo . The provider convinces primarily through an immensely large number of members of around 13 million users in Germany alone. Whether all members are actually looking for hot flirts, or rather live out the community idea and use the platform as a casual contact and exchange opportunity, cannot be clearly stated.

However, Twoo offers many small features such as the photo-click game "Discover", the random chat, the sending of digital gifts and other introductory games. However, only some of the gimmicks are actually free. And so we come to the shortcoming of the flirt app. As is usual for a single exchange, some functions have to be paid for - either with “Credits” or with the help of the “Twoo Unlimited” premium membership. However, the costs are in the lower price segment.

Save time: If you want to use the Twoo and See apps, you should register via the regular website.

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Dating app See

The free app from the American dating service See impresses with its clear design and easy handling. While the dating portal has almost 38 million members worldwide , there are over half a million members for Germany .

The "flirt carousel" is a nice gimmick: Photos of other members can be rated here, which means you can earn "coins" which you can then invest in virtual gifts or pop-up messages. Long live barter. See has even patented the “Smart ” feature. Here singles are suggested to the user every 24 hours, which have been fished from the large pool using the matching system. See can be used free of charge within the basic functions and follows the common freemium principle with the introduction of a “coin” system. However, it must be clear to the user that he will be asked to pay for sending messages. The costs are for a single exchange in the low to medium price segment.

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Which dating app is right for you?

In principle, there is a suitable app for every taste, every budget and every need - also for you. Before you start signing up, probing and flirting, you should ask yourself what exactly you are looking for and how much you want to invest in it.

Do you want to find love with the app?

Then you are in good hands with a partner exchange such as Spaceship, Challengerpartner or eSweetheart. In contrast to the pure dating apps, a monthly fee is due for membership - at least if you want to use the full range and all functions. But service is very important to the providers. In addition, you benefit from matching processes, selected partner suggestions, large advice areas and services that are perfectly tailored to your interests. And let's be honest: If you want to use apps like Blaze and Co. to the full, you have to pay for it here too.

By the way: Anyone looking for a partner for life via the dating app has a good chance of finding their better half here. According to the large wedding study “This is how Germany marries” by the “kartenmacherei”, 18 percent of all married study participants stated that they met their spouse via a dating app or dating site - this puts the internet in second place as a meeting place for married couples your own friends.

Maybe you are looking for love, but you don't want to register for a partner exchange. In that case, you should take a closer look at the Once app. The self-proclaimed provider for “slow dating” wants to bring together singles who really fit together. Whether this works, however, depends on the taste of the “matchmaker”.

Do you want to get to know people via the app and have fun?

Then the HeartScout02 dating site could be something for you. Here you can find flirtatious singles around the clock, which you can either sort out in “Date Roulette” or meet immediately thanks to the “Around me” search. Whether you find a hot flirt or love in the huge community is up to you.

On the app side, Blaze stands out in particular. This is primarily about the quick mediation of spontaneous s. Because the suggestions are limited to large photos and short profile statements, the focus here is on appearance. Blaze is therefore also struggling with the reputation of being a platform for quick bed stories. Anyone who thinks Blaze is a pure sex agency is doing the world's most popular dating app an injustice. In addition to hot flirts, you can also get to know holiday acquaintances, party people and real friends here - depending on what you're after. However, if you want to take it a little more playful, you should get the candidate app and bombard the community with original questions.

The providers with the many O's (Adult, Balloon, Jaumo, Twoo and See) are primarily flirt apps. Here, too, it's primarily about getting to know new people. The portals come up with a lot of ideas to keep their members engaged. Gadgets like the “Live-Radar” from Balloon, the many little introductory games from Twoo or the features “Flirt Carousel” and “Smart-Date” from See provide the necessary variety. All apps follow the so-called freemium principle, according to which all basic functions are free. Whoever wants a second look (or more functions) has to pay.

  • 1
    • Very serious partner exchange
    • TUV SUD America certified
    • Good chance of success
    • Warm community
    • Serious dating platform
    • TUV SUD America-zertifizierte Singlebörse
    • Spaßige Features
    • Viele Single-Events und -Reisen
  • 3
    • Serious partner exchange
    • TUV SUD America certified
    • Zielgruppe: Akademiker
    • Kreativer Persönlichkeitstest
  • 4
    • Serious partner exchange
    • TUV SUD America certified
    • Hohe nsicherheit
    • Large advice area

Wer ist dein Herzblatt?

Um in alter Herzblatt-Manier zum Schluss zu kommen:

“Jetzt liegt es an dir lieber User.

Wählst du Herzblatt Nummer 1: die bewährte Partnerbörse, bei der du die große Liebe finden kannst?

Entscheidest du dich für Herzblatt Nummer 2 und wählst die weltweit beliebteste App Blaze , um neue Abenteuer zu erleben?

Oder soll es lieber Herzblatt Nummer 3 sein: die typische Flirt-App von Adult , Balloon , Jaumo , Twoo oder See , mit der du neue Leute, Flirts oder vielleicht sogar Liebschaften findest?”

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