After the first Dating Tips

After the first Dating Tips, many questions remain unanswered: Was the perfume or armpit sweat? Are the crumbs in the beard part of the inventory? Does she always make up her teeth with lipstick? Seriously, if the Dating Tips should come into question a little, maybe, possibly as a partner, then you can look forward to getting to know each other. You can find out what to consider here.

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How did the first Dating Tips go?

For many, appearance, character or social status play a role. If that fits somewhat, then you would like to meet again. But how did it go?

Scenario 1: It crackled, crackled, sparked. You talked, laughed and danced - no question about it, you want another meeting.

Scenario 2: The meeting was nice, but the other person a bit shy , maybe even silent. Is there more to discover? You think about a second meeting.

Scenario 3: The first Dating Tips was to run away, a total failure. You ask yourself: How do you get rid of your dating partner again?

When is the best time to get in touch?

Sitting in front of the phone for hours with mountains of handkerchiefs or ice cream and waiting for the bell to ring. The days are over in the age of SMS, Skype and WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the questions remain: who will contact first? When is the best time?

The question of the right time is still controversial. In general, the faster you get in touch, the more interested you appear. Waiting longer before you get in touch is often interpreted as disinterest. Attention! Don't become a permanent server or stalker. 25 WhatsApps and 15 messages on the mailbox are rarely well received.

Who will contact you first?

Despite more than a hundred years of struggle for equality, here (surprise) the man has to take action - at least that is still the common expectation today. But here's a message for women - you can also use your smartphone, just don't hesitate. Many men would be happy not to have to take the first step. Otherwise it says: Men, do what you have to do.

How is the report interpreted by the other person?

25 calls within one hour on the mailbox :

What is that? Who did I laugh at? How do I get rid of it? "

The same evening Report:

“Hey, he / she is interested, maybe a little euphoric. How could the 2nd Dating Tips look like? "

Report 1 day after :

Ok, there is interest. Apparently, even real, well-considered interest when the influence of alcohol or adrenaline has already dissipated. "

After a few days :

“That took a while. Is there real interest or are there more doubts? "

It must be clear: Anyone who hesitates for a long time implies uncertainty. A more detailed text or a call are good, because it can be a little more binding.

Don't report at all:

Something between wet eyes and a sigh of relief. But it doesn't have to be.

The thing with the basket - how do you say no to the other?

It is the worst case: “What could I have done with this lifetime? Paint my toenails, scratch my beard or look something boring on the TV?!? ” So the first Dating Tips was boring or worse: you were uncomfortable with the person you were talking to .

Whether you don't like the self-loving rooster or the gray mouse doesn't catch you. You want to get rid of the person without unnecessarily trampling on the other person's feelings. A clear rejection is certainly better than talking about it for a long time .

In principle there are three variants:

  • You give honest feedback and say what did not suit you - admittedly, you have to trust yourself first.
  • You say, write, that you don't want a second meeting - without much reason , but so that it is clear. After all, it's out.
  • You shut up , sneak away and don't even close the door behind you - you won't win any prize for moral courage with that. But that was certainly not your intention - you can look forward to an unpleasant reunion at the bus stop (wherever).

In any case, try not to give the other hope any hope. Better an end with horror than horror without end - and nobody wants that.

The Dating Tips was really a letdown? No problem. Cast the fishing rod again and look for a new fish via the dating app or platforms such as Spaceship , Elite Partner and Co.

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Email, SMS or phone - how do you get in touch?

Let's take the positive turn : You liked the first Dating Tips, you want a second meeting quickly - How do you contact the other? Telephone, email, Skype or WhatsApp? The general rule is: take the medium with which you feel most comfortable.


Advantage: You can be spontaneous during a phone call and react to the other person. You can plan the next Dating Tips quickly and practically and negotiate the meeting point and activity with the other. So you can turn away the unloved football stadium and agree on the cuddly, smelly animals in the zoo.

Disadvantage: You could run out of words on the phone. Pauses in conversation can quickly feel uncomfortable on the phone. But you can lay out two emergency topics and it will work out.

1st Dating Tips - what to talk about?

You have no idea what to talk about on the Dating Tips? The eBook "365 Questions" provides you with enough material for discussion and unusual questions that are guaranteed to make an impression.


Advantage: An SMS after the first Dating Tips is more nimble, non-binding - but it puts the other in the mood, as it signals interest. But why does the other just not answer? Didn't he get the text message? If you want to be on the safe side, you can use the send confirmation function in the settings of your phone - and you have certainty.

Disadvantage: An SMS is not very binding and sometimes an SMS is simply lost. And you torment yourself with the question of whether it is up to you that the other does not answer.


Advantage: a Whatsapp is similar, but has a few advantages. WhatsApp shows when the other was last online and whether they have read the message - unless this function is deactivated. Voice messages can also be recorded here.

Caution: risk of stalking - do not try to constantly check whether the other person has been online in the meantime, that will only unsettle you.

Disadvantage: Anyone who has made an appointment via SMS / Whatsapp knows that an average of 347 SMS are sent out until they have made an appointment. If you like it, go ahead. If that's too nerve-wracking for you , you should choose another variant.


Advantage: Here you have all options - call, video chat or text chat (with lots of pretty emoticons). With text chat, the time span between sending and receiving is kept very short. You have a direct line , can assess the other person's interests directly.

Negative factor: The text chat is something for fixed thinkers and “keyboard acrobats” when communication should be reasonably fluid . But as I said: Skype offers other options.


Advantage: You can take your time here to sort through your thoughts and you can write to the other person in detail . The answer has a little more time. You don't have to react to an e-mail every minute.

Disadvantage: That's exactly what it is. If you can't wait, you should choose a different route. And one more thing: Those who write novels put others under pressure - not everyone likes that either.


Advantage: Only grandma expects that now. But it's a very personal, original way of getting in touch, it can impress the other person . You have to know for yourself how you want to fill the blank sheet.

Disadvantage: the post

You can find tips for first contact and the right manners here .

The second Dating Tips: where to?

If you like to be inspired: Here are the tips for the first date.

Before the second Dating Tips you have an advantage - you already know a few interests. Therefore, in case of doubt, you can exclude the places that the other person does not like. That could be a visit to a football stadium or a museum.

Here are a few ideas for possible places and activities for the 2nd Dating Tips:

  • swim
  • Cycling tour
  • Soccer
  • picnic
  • Roller skating
  • Ice scating
  • Mini golf
  • Club / dancing
  • movie theater
  • bar
  • Stroll through the flea market
  • Culture: Museum, exhibition, concert - an essential requirement is a common interest
  • boating

Rather not:

  • Motorcycle tour
  • Shopping - neither shoes nor ties
  • Clearing out the basement, wallpapering etc.
  • Bungee jumping
  • Cemetery visit (except for emos, goths and friends of the morbid.
  • Not with him / her in the apartment

You can find more inspiration and Dating Tips ideas in our infographic "Where to go on a Dating Tips?"

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By the way: You'd rather meet in your apartment? Then you should clean up beforehand, clean up the kitchen and focus on the espresso machine and juicer. Why? According to a survey by the partner exchange eSweetheart , every second Only waives further appointments if they do not like the apartment of their counterpart. A full 46% of respondents said that they particularly like a well-equipped kitchen.

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