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What should the weird greeting mean on the first Dating Tips? Why did she laugh so hysterically? Why did he really want a selfie? And what was meant by saying “we hear each other”? We translate the 40 most important sentences for you on your first date.

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Welcome to the first Dating Tips

The first few seconds can already decide whether the Dating Tips will be a complete failure or a success. So what to do Should I formally shake hands with my Dating Tips to greet them ? Or should I bet on a relaxed hug and kisses on the right and left? That depends entirely on whether you're a twenty-year-old Berliner or a retired teacher and an advocate of the old school. The choice of words for the greeting also depends on how alternative you are, where you come from and how well you already know the other person. However, some sentences on the first Dating Tips are general and mean the same everywhere. Need a taste?

What a weather!

I have no idea what to say.

I am extremely nervous.

I am extremely nervous.

You look completely different than in the photos.

I hate photoshop.

What was your name again

I'm so popular that I'm starting to get confused with all of my admirers.

and what are we doing now?

Hopefully you've come up with something good. And now kiss my feet.

Wow ... are you my Dating Tips? Hammer!

Jackpot - you knock my socks off.

Were you the doctor now, the PR guy, or the student?

You should know that I can hardly save myself from offers.

Sorry for my sweating. I just saved a baby seal.

I know I can't hide my nervousness, but I make the best of it.

Conversation on the first Dating Tips

If the conversation has only just started, you have already made a large part of the route. Now it's time to stay tuned. In the best case scenario, you two don't even notice how time flies and jump from one topic to the next. And even if not: the main thing is that your conversation has substance and you get to know each other better. Don't be afraid of pauses in conversation! They don't always have to mean disinterest or disappointment, they are completely normal. Take it easy and show humor by addressing the obvious. How about, for example, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad do you find embarrassing pauses in conversation?”. What you should avoid is a panicky change of subject or unfortunate language. Such verbal rushes can quickly go in the pants, as our following phrases and phrases on the first Dating Tips show.

Do you know what the first entry is when you google you?

I'd rather not tell you that I crouch in the tree in front of your window at night.

In your profile I read that ...

I really care about you.

So my ex ...

... I just can't forget.

What do you think of kids

I'm really desperate!

Interesting! What do you earn there?

I want to know whether you are on my pocket or whether I can be on your pocket.

And now about my professional career ...

Fasten your seat belt. Now I'm going to really impress you.

Your father must have been a thief ...

Ha! If you knew the spell was stolen.

Is that what you say about all of your Dating Tipss?

I see through your scam.

We absolutely have to do this together!

I have a real interest in you and want to see you again.

As a child I always ...

I'll tell you something about my past because I have a really good feeling.

Do we want to take a selfie?

I need evidence for my friends.

Is there Wi-Fi?

I'm bored. Do something!

Wait ... I'll just send the message away.

I don't care about you.

You have to explain that to me in more detail.

I want to know more about you.

In which corner do you live like that?

I want to know how far I might have to drive.

Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi. Hihihi.

I laugh so much because I'm afraid of pauses in conversation.

You mentioned that you wanted to go to Barcelona. I thought I would lend you my “Lonely Planet”.

I remember what you say And I'm pushing out my guide to see you again.

But you have an appetite!

Rein yourself. This is a Dating Tips and not a feast.

I hope you can cook well.

You can also do ironing, washing clothes and taking out garbage.

The waiters here are the last! Do you wave the fool over here?

Most noticeable I am a very big animal and one of the makers.

First number 31 with extra cheese, then number 12 without salad, number 73 with whipped cream ... and two bottles of Chianti. That's it.

The Dating Tips was probably a shot in the oven. It doesn't matter now either.

Hello waitress? If I leave out the Gorgonzola from the “Quattro Formaggi”, do I still have to pay for it?

Hopefully we'll do it separately.

I already know the scene. Bruce Willis soon learns that he himself was dead the whole time.

I know everything better ... Better if you know.

1st Dating Tips - what to talk about?

You have no idea what to talk about on the Dating Tips? The eBook "365 Questions" provides you with enough material for discussion and unusual questions that are guaranteed to make an impression.

Goodbye on the first Dating Tips

It is relatively easy to tell whether the first Dating Tips went well. Your counterpart is looking for excuses like "My cat needs to be fed urgently." or “I'm dogged” to quickly get out of the dust? Then you should book the meeting as a nice experience and tick it off. After all, in the best case scenario you have eaten well, had a cozy coffee or have been to the cinema again. Your Dating Tips doesn't really want to say goodbye, the last few hours have passed by in a flash and you have laughed a lot and learned about each other? Congratulation. There is a lot to suggest that the other person might want to see you again. Now it just depends on what your Dating Tips said goodbye.

We listen to.

We don't hear each other.

Will you come up for coffee with me?

Fancy mattress gymnastics?

May I kiss you?

I would like to. I'm just a scaredy rabbit.

Do you want to kiss me on the mouth?

If you touch me now, I'll be squatting in the shower crying all night.

I have a lot to do in the next few days. I'll call you sometime.

I'll see if something better comes up. If not, I'll get back to you.

Next time I'll show you my favorite bar.

I really hope for a sequel and want you to get to know me better.

I haven't laughed like that in a long time.

You make me feel better

When do we meet again?

I can not wait any longer.

I'd better tell you right away: I probably won't be able to stick to the three-day rule with you.

I want to see you again as soon as possible, but I don't want to seem too pushy.

This video shows what a man would get to hear if women were honest on a first Dating Tips :

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