Christmas alone?

Are you only and alone at Christmas? No reason to panic. We'll show you what the reality of couples really looks like in the run-up to Christmas and which strategies singles follow on the holidays to still have a good time. Here you can find out which methods are really useful and what you should avoid.

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"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

Just in time for the run-up to Christmas, we are reminded of our relationship status by the supermarket loudspeakers in the most penetrating way. That the bachelors of this world don't throw themselves in rows on the supermarket floor at “Last Christmas” or “All I want for Christmas”, cover their ears screeching and hide under the fruit shelf in panic, almost borders on a miracle. Singles are confronted with being alone from all sides. Sure, Christmas is the festival of love . But does it really have to be that sugary? And what is the pre-Christmas reality like for couples?

Couple reality: "Joy to world"?

At Christmas time, the couples in your circle of friends may seem particularly intimate and languishing. Now butter with the fish: In the run-up to Christmas, the reality is often different for couples.

The fact is that the romantic togetherness is often only communicated externally. On the couple's planet itself, there is usually infernal chaos: She is busy wrapping the "shared" gifts that were procured alone, writing Christmas cards in chord, baking cookies for a “short” at 11 p.m. or for the scrap- Secret Santa to buy an atrocity. He handles the errands online and asks himself why you have to buy something extra for the scrap elves when there are enough optical derailments of the mother-in-law around the whole apartment. He is then teased by the better half because he could give her a hand. His attempts to bring them down somehow and to calm the minds are doomed and are at best thanked with a reproachful look. At least he finally has time to play all the new video games and watch the "Mad Max" series all over again. In the evening, the two of them have just enough energy to bog down in front of Netflix. “Joy to the world” looks different.

So you see: The pre-Christmas season is not that sweet as sugar for couples - even if “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” or the Coca-Cola Christmas advertising want to tell you something else. The reality is often somewhere between “Die hard” and the popular Edeka Christmas advertising : together, lonely.

At least you are in the picture now. Togetherness at Christmas may be nice, but the reality is far from being as nice as in “Indeed… Love” . So what is left for you to do? Let's go over the most common strategies (not necessarily the best) for singles alone for Christmas.

Strategy 1: “Walking in a Tinder Wonderland”

THE SCENARIO: Compulsive Search. Christmas alone is out of the question for you and you want to add an important present to your gift list.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: You plunge into the search for a partner via the Internet and want to quickly find love on dating sites like Spaceship or Elite Partner .

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Because you're in a particularly hurry, use one of the many dating apps , because thanks to Blaze, Adult and Balloon , like-minded, flirtatious singles are shown in the immediate vicinity. And so, in a miraculous way, you transform yourself into a “smombie” staring at your smartphone .

CONCLUSION: Are “smombies” and “tinderitis” really an option? At least they don't hurt. Be careful, however, that you don't go mad or approach the matter too doggedly . Perhaps you will be able to find a partner between the door and the hinge (or between St. Nicholas and New Year's Eve). However, the disappointment becomes even greater if you fail.

Tip: don't cramp up. That greatly reduces your chances.

Strategy 2: The Grinch

THE SCENARIO: The curmudgeon. You hate happy couples and contemplative Christmas films. Lovebirds holding hands would like to growl at them on the street, push into the slush or spit on poison and bile.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: You could have been a happy, red-cheeked “little drummer boy” who proclaimed the good news of a harmonious festival of love - “Parum pum pum pum”. Instead you have chosen the “Little Jammer Boy”, who wallows in self-pity, is completely isolated from the outside world or rolls around on the floor for “Last Christmas”.

CONCLUSION: With chronic grubby you make your life unnecessarily difficult. The sour-looking "Grumpy Cat" may have become a famous Internet phenomenon, but how many love affairs has the cat called "Tardar Sauce" actually had so far? Certainly not many.

Tip: If you don't want to get out of bed, you can chat with like-minded singles.

Strategy 3: "The party sprint comes back every year"

THE SCENARIO: Party animal. You definitely don't want to be alone at Christmas and pursue the strategy of distraction - usually in the form of party nights and extravagant mulled wine escapades. Instead of contemplative, your program is senseless.

THE SOLUTION: Christmas market hopping, mulled wine escapades and parties of all kinds. The main thing is to get to know new people. The partner exchange eSweetheart also explicitly advises not to scramble the Christmas days alone on the sofa, but to make your way to the next disco or bar , because there are many like-minded people to be found there.

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CONCLUSION: Christmas markets and party nights are great for meeting new people. However, you shouldn't overdo it when it comes to intoxication. At the latest when you are tagged on a Facebook photo the next day, in which you are drinking a shot from the belly button of an obese Christmas elf, you should pull the rip cord.

Tip: the dose makes the poison. Enjoy the party, but don't overdo it.

The way out: "Have yourself a merry little Christmas"

So which strategy is the right one? Quite simply: make yourself beautiful - everything in measure and according to your personal taste. Very few singles find true salvation in just one of these common single strategies. The implementation is all about the mix. Take the best of every strategy and mix your own dream Christmas with all the trimmings.

Tips for a successful single Christmas

  • Do what you like : watching movies, wellness, gaming, reading books, partying or Christmas market with friends - the main thing is that you do something for yourself.
  • Make necessity a virtue : Do things that are difficult for two to achieve. How about a parachute jump, a spontaneous short or individual trip, a spa weekend with a Thai massage, a brewing course or a cooking course? Go to a nice singles event for a change - such events can be incredibly fun and rewarding.
  • Give yourself a present : Have you been after the 50-year-old whiskey, the expensive tool case, the chic Burberry handbag or the silver earrings for ages? Then just treat yourself to it. Why not make love and give presents to yourself at the festival of love?
  • Spend Christmas with your loved ones. A good buddy propagates every year: "Being single at Christmas is the best thing that can happen to you!" The reasoning? You can hide away with your family, you don't have to complete a record-breaking marathon between all parties and you can just relax. If you don't feel like having your own family, you can organize a small festive dinner for all singles in your circle of friends on Christmas Eve and have a nice evening together.

If none of that helps, just bring the actual couple reality to mind. They're not doing much better either: Couples like to drown in stress in the run-up to Christmas and have just enough energy in the evening to bog down in a sloppy look in front of Netflix.

Christmas alone - advantages of being single

  • You can confidently watch “Mad Max”, “Really love” or “Die hard”, take care of the candy all by yourself and don't have to coordinate with anyone.
  • You can throw yourself full of joy on the Santa Claus plate and the Christmas goose without having to hear from your partner that you are slowly expanding.
  • You don't have to worry about which of the two families will be visiting this Christmas. Instead, you can let mom pamper you completely.
  • You can really let the pig out at the Christmas party at work and don't have to give up at 9 p.m.
  • You can stay spontaneous. Get the poinsettia for the mother-in-law on Monday. Buy the Christmas goose on Tuesday. And on Wednesday send off the Christmas cards with kitschy couple pictures by post… The good thing about being single: There is only stress if you impose it on yourself. If you prefer to go to a concert of your favorite band on St. Nicholas Eve, you can do so. Would you like to go to London for Christmas shopping at short notice and for a few hours? Who is preventing you from booking a last-minute ticket and getting on the plane without further ado? You are your own master and deserve a Christmas according to your ideas.
  • Last but not least: You don't have to worry as much about a gift. Nobody expects a particularly creative, unique and love-oozing gift from you - if that is nothing.

Let's hold on to one thing: We owe all of the Christmas romance to a large, colorful world of art that flickers towards us from the screens and whispers in our ears through the radio. Sure: Christmas is beautiful. But Christmas is always more appearance than reality.

What is left for you to do? Quite simply: " Have yourself a merry little Christmas."

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