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ideas for spring

The is coming up and you are looking for ideas? Here are a few tips on which ideas are especially suitable for spring.

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ideas for spring

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming again and, apparently, sexual desire too - at least 45% of those surveyed in a statista study make springtime want to have sex (well, over 35% of them also look forward to spring cleaning).

While the desire was still frozen in winter and you were having fun on the sofa with tea and television, now you feel like sun again - and people. The pheromones slowly creep out of the pores again. The dating season begins.

Feelings of spring - do they really exist?

Yes and no. The mythical springtime chaos doesn't really exist. But happiness does. (A little insight: This is due to the lower release of the sleep hormone melatonin, which at the same time ensures an increase in the happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine, explains endocrinologist Helmut Schatz at Spiegel Online )
What does that mean? Spring fever: no. Happiness hormones: yes. Spring fever thanks to happiness hormones: possible.

Go on the offensive. We'll tell you where you can spend your first, second and third (to be continued). Meeting in rain and pollen count not excluded. We offer you ideas for indoors and outdoors. Of course you can also combine here.

ideas for spring: outdoors

  • Urban Gardening: Seeds seeds (ie flower seeds), throw seed bombs and immortalized you in different places of your city. You can never start planting trees early enough.
  • Pedal boat ride. Note: Check beforehand whether you have something to say to each other. Otherwise you will be lost in silence on the lake - with no possibility of escape.
  • Solve puzzles, hunt a schnitzel and find treasure while geocaching . With the GPS receiver and the coordinates, you can search for treasures that someone else has hidden in a place.
  • Watching animals: Spend the day at the zoo or animal park. Caution: Not so popular with animal rights activists.
  • Is music very important to you? Go to a record store . There you have the opportunity to recognize dating partners with bad taste in music early on.
  • Play mini golf - also as an outdoor option
  • Take a bike tour - get on your bike and cycle through the countryside. You can even chat at a slow pace. If the goes badly, you just pick up the pace. Maybe you can also incorporate the following suggestion into your :
  • Plan a picnic . Pack a basket with goodies and look for a place in the green (Caution: Perhaps find out beforehand whether your has allergies to pollen and grass.)
  • Climbing in the high ropes course : Be brave and, above all, helpful. You shouldn't let go of your future partner on the first date.
  • Barbecue: Meet up in the countryside for a casual barbecue and get to know each other in an informal way with beer, lumberjack steak, halloumi or vegetable skewers. Listen to the sounds of a crank radio and cuddle on the picnic blanket.

ideas for spring: Indoor

  • Moonlight plays Mini Golf - in semi-darkness comes romantic flair
  • If things don't go well, shoot yourself. The laser tag or paintball increases the fun and adrenaline. Beware: this is not for the faint of heart.
  • Going to the cinema should be more of an emergency plan. If you really want to get to know each other, sitting next to each other in silence and watching a film makes little sense.
  • Off to the swimming pool - if you are afraid of contact, it is more suitable for the third, fourth, fifth . If you don't really feel comfortable in your own skin, you should avoid the swimming pool for the first meeting.
  • Take a cooking class - if cooking is your thing, book a cooking class and get closer between whisk, zucchini and beef tenderloin.
  • Go to a concert . If you don't like your partner, "dance off"!

ideas for summer

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Finally summer. The days are long. The air smells of sunscreen and cut grass. Sun worshipers and fresh air fanatics are lightly clad again. And the streets, beer gardens and outdoor pools are like an anthill.

Summer is actually the best time to fall in love again. There is so much to do together and the sun will melt even the worst mood. Even the rain has an aphrodisiac effect in the summer: the clothes stick to the body and anyone who has already been kissed in the summer rain knows that there is hardly anything more beautiful.

A hot midsummer night's dream?

Why does summer make us so lustful? On the one hand, sunlight ensures that our bodies release more hormones called "MSH", which increase our sexual arousal. Studies have shown that people in sunny regions like Brazil and Greece have the most sex in the world. Women are said to be especially love-hungry in summer. The reason? Smelly, manly sweat. California scientists have found that the pheromone androstadienone makes women particularly fuzzy. It's just stupid that the chemical compound occurs mainly in male armpits. Somebody should say again that the smell of sweat would turn off.

Summer is sensual. There is bare skin everywhere - and nimble tongues that lick the dripping ice. Beads of sweat run down the cleavage and men show their calves, upper arms or the V-shaped lines between the abdomen and groin. Women are apparently crazy about these so-called “V-Cuts” or “Sexlines”. N / A? Got hot too? We'll tell you which ideas you can score with, especially in summer, and wrap the object of desire around your finger. So you are prepared for all eventualities, for every weather and every type.

ideas for summer: outdoors

  • Go to the open-air cinema . In the summer, many open-air and drive-in cinemas show the old classics or catch up on the blockbusters and Oscar films from last season. Tip: If that's still too unromantic for you, you can conjure up your own outdoor cinema at home - with a projector, pillow landscape and lanterns on the balcony, roof or in the backyard.
  • Make a wish. Spend a shooting star night around the campfire and treat yourself to roasted marshmallows, a bottle of wine or bread on a stick - depending on your taste. If you live in the city you can invite your to “happy hour” on the roof and look for meteorites. Tip: Every year in August the “Perseids” bring us a real heavenly spectacle. If you want to impress your , you can tell the story of why the Perseids are also called the “Tears of Laurentius”.
  • Go on a hike through the forest or in the mountains including a picnic or snack. Small breaks at streams, clearings or viewing platforms create a romantic atmosphere. Warning: nothing for those who do n't like exercise!
  • Go picking strawberries . If the next strawberry field is too far for you, you can switch to cherries, raspberries, gooseberries and the like. “Foraging” or collecting wild fruit, vegetables and herbs is still very much in vogue. Tip: No idea where what grows and what you can eat? The community of "" collects all sites in a comprehensive map of Germany.
  • Rent a convertible or a scooter and make the country roads unsafe. Caution: Hardly any escape route. Even if your is a failure, it's hard to just leave it on the side of the road.
  • Attends an open air concert . Tip: If you don't have any “Free & Outside” events in the immediate vicinity, you can, if necessary, fall back on spa concerts in the local concert shell and (usually on Sundays) enjoy the full roar of Mozart, Strauss and salon music.
  • Do you want your first to be unforgettable? Go on a day trip and plan a mini trip of several hours. Flights to Copenhagen, Milan, Brussels, Romania or the Italian Pescara are available for as little as 10 euros per person, depending on the departure airport. Tip: keep an eye on the time. Who wants to be stuck abroad indefinitely on their first ?
  • Would you rather push a quiet ball? Then a game of boules is played - this can be done almost anywhere. Tip: Those who like it even more exciting can try their hand at “cross-boules” and dare to play a game across the city, the park or across the field.
  • Now it's getting personal: Take your on a trip to your childhood . Visit the old houses together where you lived as a three-cheese-boy. Inspected the playgrounds, the beloved ice cream shop, the elementary school and forest robber dens of bygone days. This way, the other person gets to know you better and you can indulge in memories. Warning: Could rather scare off casual affairs.
  • Drive to the lake or the sea . Perhaps you can also rent a kayak, rowboat or raft here. Warning: If you don't have a summer figure yet or would prefer to keep your bare skin for later, you should wait a little longer with the date.
  • Go to a folk festival , summer festival or mini-festival . Whether it's a port birthday, a fair, “Rhine in Flames”, the Kiel Week, a parish fair, the Carnival of Cultures, or street food and beer festivals - there is a festival for every taste in summer. Attention: Folk festivals with a Ballermann feeling and a number of drunk teenagers can quickly ruin the atmosphere.
  • Plays tourists in your own city . Get a travel guide, visit the sights, mingle with the people and see your city with new eyes. Tip: There are now many free audio travel guides for smartphones with which you can take guided tours through the city. Thanks to such apps, breaks in conversation can be bridged with interesting information.
  • Go on a llama hike . Llamas always move - especially with women. You can get to know each other better during a walk with the llama and thanks to the woolly companion you always have something to talk about. Warning: Not suitable for people who cannot do anything with animals.
  • To melt away: Take an ice cream parlor test . Pick the three best ice cream parlors in the area and test a scoop of the same type each to determine your winner. Warning: nothing for lactose intolerants, health fanatics and hardcore athletes!
  • Is a summer thunderstorm raging outside? No problem. Get yourself two pizzas and drive out in the car . Tip: With a few pillows and blankets in the trunk and a trunk door that is opened upwards as a rain cover, the spectacle can be enjoyed comfortably in the dry.

ideas for summer: Indoor

  • Would you like to cool down? Visit a mine, cave or bunker. A few kilometers underground you can hide from the sun and stumble through the dark holding hands. Warning: nothing for claustrophobics!
  • Throw yourself into the glitter fumble or into the tailcoat, throw on your trench coat and visit a smoky jazz club with live music . Greetings from La-La-Land. And what goes better with a rainy, mild summer evening than cocktails, dim lighting and saxophone music? Warning: Jazz is not for everyone. Ask your beforehand whether something can be done with the music.
  • Make an appointment for a public viewing . Depending on the weather, you can temporarily move the fun indoors or outdoors. Attention: Not every sport is suitable for a public viewing evening. Mud wrestling and chess championships are not necessarily for everyone. But football is always possible and championships are held here every two years.
  • Attend a “Live Escape Game” . It's always best to get to know each other when you have to break out of a dungeon, insane asylum, or prison together. Caution: Some escape rooms are not suitable for claustrophobics or people with walking difficulties - so check the safety instructions for the respective games beforehand.
  • Make ice cream yourself. Have you always wanted to know what gin-ginger-chocolate ice cream or beer sorbet tastes like? Then do it yourself. Transform the kitchen into an ice cream factory and mix each other's wildest creations. Caution: Not necessarily suitable for people with allergies or weight problems.

ideas for fall

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It is habitually stormy in autumn. The streets are empty and people are cuddling together again. Right now you long for a partner with whom you can move into your own four walls. Series marathons, cooking evenings, audio book readings and walks in the woods are simply more fun for two. In addition, the Christmas season is already in the starting blocks and you definitely don't want to spend it alone. So it's no wonder that singles are particularly active in looking for a new cuddle buddy in autumn . So the chances are good to find the right partner for a duet among all the love-hungry soloists.

As good as the time is now to look for a partner, autumn makes it difficult to find each other and get to know each other better. The weather is unpredictable and can thwart even the best dating master plan in no time. A romantic pedal boat trip can literally fall into the water quickly during downpours, thunderstorms and hail. So be prepared for changes in the weather , take an umbrella and always have a plan B up your sleeve for outdoor activities. A first in bad weather doesn't have to be a flop. Classic films show us that there is apparently nothing more romantic than kisses in the rain. Need a taste? Here you can see the 10 most beautiful kissing scenes in the rain:

ideas for fall: outdoors

  • Take a typical autumn walk and let the wind blow your face. When you're really frozen through, you can go to a small eatery and enjoy a hot chocolate, coffee and plum cake. If you like it more unusual, you can build a huge pile of leaves to jump into.
  • Trick or treat? Halloween is the ultimate autumn festival. So dress up and move from door to door together on October 31st to dust off candy in the midst of all the tots. If someone looks at you askew, you are only doing it for the good of the children. Everyone knows that sugar is poison.
  • Autumn is harvest time. Visit an apple orchard and pick the forbidden fruits straight from the tree. In the typical apple growing areas in particular, there are numerous farms where you can still pick them yourself. If you don't have a plantation nearby, you can find the next wild orchard via .
  • The idea may sound too crazy at first glance - but it is definitely original. Meet up at IKEA and pick furniture just for fun. What would you buy if you had tons of money and an empty mansion in LA? Those who like it even more weird can play hide and seek in the huge halls or let off steam in the ball pit.
  • Fancy goosebumps? Make an appointment for a photo tour and explore abandoned places or empty buildings. How about a trip to a dilapidated hotel, an abandoned sanatorium or an overgrown factory? By the way, tips and locations can be found at .
  • Use the stiff breeze and try your hand at a classic wind sport . Kitesurfing, sailing, paragliding, kite buggy riding or kite skating can be tried out particularly well in autumn. Warning: nothing for couch potatoes and the scaredy rabbits.
  • Fly a kite together. Warning: We already learned at school that kites can be dangerous near electricity pylons.
  • Go collect chestnuts together and meet for a handicraft lesson over biscuits and tea. We already know from kindergarten that chestnuts can be transformed into small people, figures and animals in no time with the help of matches.
  • Arrange a on the bus or tram. Meet at a station and drive the route in a circle or let yourself be driven to the end of the line and back. This way you get to know your city better and, thanks to the varied view, you always have enough things to talk about.

ideas for fall: Indoor

  • The grape harvest begins in autumn - the perfect time to visit a wine tasting or inspect a winery.
  • Make an appointment to gamble together. Whether it's Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Pokémon or the latest Assassin's Creed part: You only really get to know your crush when you play together and above all against each other. Those who prefer it “old school” can meet up for a classic board game evening.
  • Visit an indoor antique market or an indoor flea market and comb through the stalls for small treasures. If that is too boring for you, you can also set the rules of the game: Everyone buys the other a little something that suits them for less than 5 euros.
  • Meet up to carve pumpkins and prepare for Halloween too. Whoever presents the worst grimace in the end has won.
  • Visit a pub you trust and have an exciting billiards or darts duel . The loser pays the next round.
  • Attend a crime dinner . Fill your stomach by candlelight and solve the mystery of a murder case. And maybe the culprit really was Colonel von Gatow with a candlestick in the winter garden.
  • Make a in the kitchen . Bake an apple pie together, roast chestnuts, make jam or try your hand at making love apples. Cooking together is a great way to talk to each other and still have enough to worry about so it doesn't get boring.
  • Celebrate typical American Thanksgiving together - including turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato puree and pumpkin pie. Since the harvest festival is rarely celebrated in Germany, you shouldn't be scheduled for October 1st. Thanksgiving is a celebration of tradition - just start your own.
  • Go to the Oktoberfest together or visit an Oktoberfest tent in your own city. Warning: beer, loud brass music and sweaty, screaming people are not for everyone.
  • Play your favorite music from then and now to each other. Listening to songs together has only advantages: 1. You get to know your counterpart better. 2. If it works for both of you, you have a song ready for you. 3. There are no breaks in conversation on the first - after all, you have to pay attention to the lyrics. 4. If it crackles you can easily switch to cozy rock and smooch music.
  • The classic with a difference: Go to the cinema . Avoid run-of-the-mill cinema centers, however, and treat yourself to something extraordinary. How about a silent film classic including musical accompaniment or a small and rustic art house cinema? If that's not for you, you can always switch to James Bond, Iron Man or Bridget Jones.
  • Visit a karaoke bar and bawl your soul out. Common gossip about the singing skills of the others connects. And what could be nicer than to be serenaded by your sweetheart?

ideas for winter

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Planning for the first would not be a problem if it weren't for winter . Mini golf, pedal boating and visits to the zoo all fall flat. No need to panic or bury your head in the snow. A suitable, individual and unusual can also be arranged in winter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips for the winter

  • Carpe Diem - Seize the day

Most of you have probably already noticed that it gets light later in winter and dark earlier. On the shortest day of the year (winter solstice), the proportion of daylight in Germany is between 7 and 8.5 hours, depending on the region. There is not much time left to be active outside - especially if you are aiming for an outdoor . So it's better to set your appointment a few hours earlier and use the day. Alternatively, you can plan an indoor - never underestimate the romantic effect of floodlights.

  • Chic in rope?

An outdoor in winter raises completely new clothing questions. When ice skating, it doesn't really matter which shirt or top you wear under your winter jacket. In any case, dress appropriately for the weather conditions . Of course, it would be a shame if the new sackcloth or miniskirt is not seen among the thousand layers of down, knitwear and fleece. But no jacket is no solution. Who wants to stand around on a first next to a chic but frozen Ötzi lady because she strictly refused to put on a jacket? And the ladies are certainly not impressed by frozen beards and chilblains.

But the cold is not a free ticket to run around much too casual, sporty, rotty or even like the last slump. According to a survey by the dating agency eSweetheart , 95% of all women questioned is the appearance of the dating partner important or even very important. So let the tattered skate hoodie from your youth or the brightly glittering Christmas sweater hang in the closet - or alternatively think of a good excuse if you sit down somewhere for a hot cocoa.

Test report on eSweetheart almost 3 million members in Germany

  • Verified member profiles (additional identity verification possible)
  • Very high data security
  • Targeted matching of suitable partners
  • Detailed personality test
  • Very high number of registered members
  • Large advice area
  • Short minimum term of 7 days, 3 months or 6 months possible
  • Crazy idea: The thing with the mulled wine

Many have already experienced it during the contemplative pre-Christmas period : “A mulled wine - Swei Glühwain - Lei Lühlein”. You have the first cup because it's freezing cold to say the least. The second cup is sipped because of the coziness and before you know it you throw down the third, fourth and fifth cups. It's not a problem with friends. On a , however, uninhibited drinking can be problematic. Homer Simpson was right when he proclaimed: "To alcohol - the cause and the solution to all life problems!"

Why the solution? Because a little mulled wine in between can loosen up the mood and reduce inhibitions or shyness . But alcohol quickly becomes a problem cause if you simply drink too much, misbehave and only a nebulous cloud of dust remains from the dating partner. Excessive alcohol consumption can have devastating effects on the body , especially in winter.

A rich red mulled wine is still fresh, while a brownish mulled wine has been warmed up in the kettle for some time.

As a result of the vasodilation caused by the ethanol contained in the alcohol, More blood reaches the epidermis, i.e. the cuticle. The result: We cool off a lot more without noticing it, because the booze surrounds us with a comfortably soft “shit doesn't matter” insulation layer. In addition, the sugar contained in the mulled wine and the high temperatures of the drink ensure that the punch goes to our head much faster . If you don't feel like an embarrassing first impression or want to avoid being hung over the carousel railing on your first , you should moderate your mulled wine - at least a tiny bit.

Winter : where to go?

Whether you decide on an outdoor or an indoor - the activity should definitely suit both of you, in the best case be fun and provide enough topics to talk about. If you end up feeling that the went by way too quickly, you are either right because you were dumped after half an hour - or you did everything right because the was exciting, varied and great . That makes you want more. Incidentally, a combination of outdoor and indoor s can provide the desired variety and impartiality. A casual atmosphere eases the process of getting to know each other and makes flirting easier .

Tip: A within your own four walls is not necessarily suitable for the first meeting. The ladies prefer to play it safe and prefer a more neutral location. For the second or a casual appointment after a few weeks, a at home can be quite suitable. The first impression counts. The partner exchange Challengerpartner advises you to clean up your own apartment again before the and to pay attention to the personal handwriting of the furnishings. A strange apartment is easy to read and can allow unexpected conclusions to be drawn about the character of the resident.

Your apartment should look tidy, but it should also suit you. An apartment like the one from the IKEA catalog may look nice, but it can appear impersonal.

Test report on Challenger partners over 3.5 million members in Germany

  • Serious partner exchange
  • TUV SUD America certified
  • Compressed target group (academics and cultured singles) facilitates partner search
  • Creatively designed, scientific personality test
  • Targeted matching process of suitable partners

A in your own four walls is particularly suitable in winter to introduce friends to the new flame. ( Note: Inviting friends to your first or second is a no-go ). If you are planning a casual get-together, you should go for a relaxed dinner evening, a cooking session or a cozy game evening. When you first meet your homies , make sure that everyone involved is roughly the same type. Do you have a particularly weird bird in your circle of friends? Then, to start with, it is better to do something with three people than in a large group - as the following video with Jon Snow from the series "Game of Thrones" shows. Winter is coming ...

ideas for winter: outdoors

  • Go ice skating .
  • Go tobogganing or sledding .
  • Try ice stock sport or ice fishing .
  • Take a carriage ride through the snow or the wintry city.
  • Start an unusual project : build a snowman, igloo or ice sculptures.
  • Take a winter walk .
  • Make a Swedish fire (tree torch) and meet for a barbeque or marshmallow roast.
  • Take a crash course in skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding.
  • Go to the Christmas market together .
  • Drive back and forth through the city and photograph Christmas lights .
  • Meet to choose a Christmas tree or to cut it yourself.

ideas for winter: Indoor

  • Get yourself going with spicy food and go to the Mexican, Thai, Indian or Korean barbeque.
  • Take a cooking class or try baking cookies, the Christmas menu or vegan cooking.
  • Take a whiskey tasting or a beer brewing class.
  • Celebrate a Japanese tea ceremony .
  • Pick out five cafes , test hot chocolate, coffee, tea or cheesecake and then choose your winner.
  • Goes to the cinema and attends special film events on the occasion of the Oscar awards, Berlinale or attends a sneak preview (surprise premiere).
  • Attend an ice hockey game depending on the temperature.
  • Get active in an indoor climbing hall .
  • Go to a planetarium .
  • Go to an aquarium or tropical house and enjoy the summer temperatures.
  • Go shopping for Christmas presents together.
  • Check out the Christmas ballet “The Nutcracker” .
  • Become a volunteer and help out in the run-up to Christmas in a soup kitchen, at the donation bazaar or in the local children's hospital with the distribution of gifts.
  • Let yourself be pampered in a thermal bath , a spa , in the sauna or in the Turkish bath . ( Caution! Not necessarily suitable for the first )

Winter s at home

  • Bakes biscuits together to give away to friends and relatives afterwards.
  • Conjure up a gingerbread house and decorate it with sweets that you particularly like.
  • Plan a movie marathon with a specific theme such as “Favorite Movies from Childhood”, “The Best Christmas Movies”, “80s Trash Movies”, “Japanese Horror Movies” or do a “Trilogy Night”.
  • Have a long board game evening .
  • Plan a do-it-yourself afternoon and make Christmas cards, Christmas tree decorations or small gifts.
  • Take a look at a tutorial on Youtube and try to implement it together (e.g. make a temporary tattoo, make butter or cheese, make a Batman mask or do it yourself).
  • Make an appointment to look at old childhood photo albums together.

You can find more inspiration and ideas in our infographic “Where to go on a ?”.

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