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  1. Fast registration
  2. Partner proposals thanks to the matching process
  3. Unlimited contact suggestions
  4. Online guide and glossary
  5. Completely free for women
over 100,000 members Meet2Cheat is a C dating portal that specializes in arranging affairs. The platform, founded in 1998, is one of the oldest online dating agencies in the world and advertises as being the "largest contact agency for organized dating". It is questionable whether this is actually the case with the estimated 100,000 members in Germany.
criteria Points Total points
Contract & costs
6 satisfactory
7.4 "7.4 out of 10"
Data security and seriousness
7 satisfactory
9 very good
Target group and chances of success
7 satisfactory
Customer service
8 good
6 6 out of 10 points

Contract & costs

As usual with many other casual dating platforms, Meet2Cheat has a free account for women and a paid account for men. In this way, the relationship between men and women remains largely balanced.

Premium membership offers unlimited communication options and the immediate opportunity to contact you. In addition, all shared images can be viewed.

Premium packages for men

running time costs
3 months $ 39.90 / month
6 months $ 29.90 / month
12 months $ 19.90 / month

(As of May 2019)

The membership fee has to be paid in a single payment.

Premium membership benefits

There are a few advantages to a paid premium membership.

Those who have decided on a premium membership can:

  • view other profiles without restrictions.
  • Send unlimited contact requests to other members.
  • share your own pictures with selected members.
  • View the original images shared by other members.
  • Exchange messages securely and anonymously.

When it comes to the last point, however, you have to ask yourself why the security and anonymity of messages is not a standard.

Payment options

The following payment methods are accepted at Meet2Cheat:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit

Interesting for fling candidates in steady relationships: The name of the portal Meet2Cheat is not on any invoice because imaxx21 GmbH processes all payments.

7 7 out of 10 points

Data security and seriousness

Data security is handled at Meet2Cheat in compliance with current data protection law. According to the operator, only necessary data is collected. Meet2Cheat also states that all member data will be deleted after membership is terminated. For a provider in the field of online dating, this is by no means a matter of course. In addition, the data can be deleted or revoked at any time upon request.

According to Meet2Cheat, all data transfers are encrypted using the SSL process. Interestingly enough, Meet2Cheat indirectly advises against exchanging information with other members via e-mail, since "reading content cannot be technically excluded".

Member anonymity

On Meet2Cheat, the users are not displayed with their names, but provided with a cipher number. In this way the identity of the members is preserved.

In addition, messages cannot simply be sent back and forth. Before sending a message to another member, a contact request must be made and confirmed by the other member. Only then can the exchange of messages begin. In this way you can protect yourself from interested parties with whom you do not want to interact.

Awards and certificates

The casual dating platform has not yet received any notable awards or certificates. A certification by the Technical Inspection Association has not yet taken place. However, the provider has so far been presented and praised in some media reports.

9 9 out of 10 points


The registration on Meet2Cheat takes little time. All you need is an email address and a password of your choice.

All uploaded photos must meet the Meet2Cheat guidelines and will be checked manually by support. Overly revealing views, alienation of photos or pictures that have been made illegible will therefore not be approved. This keeps the number of fake profiles as low as possible.

The get-to-know

The first contact inquiries can be sent directly after registration (and for men after taking out a subscription). Meet2Cheat offers a large input window for an individual text as well as four ready-made standard messages. However, these sample messages do not seem very original - it is said, for example, “Our profiles fit together very well. We should get to know each other. ”The prepackaged messages save time, but you can also get creative yourself.

Shortly after creating a profile, new members receive their first contact suggestions based on an evaluation of the so-called "MPs" (matching points).

The automatic log-out takes place after a short time and requires you to log in again. This function protects sensitive data on the one hand, but can also be perceived as annoying on the other.

Page structure

The page is held in a striking and rich red tone. The structure is clearly structured and operation is largely intuitive.

Nicknames are not used at Meet2Cheat. Instead, all profiles are displayed by code number. In order to make the overview easier and to avoid confusion, you can assign individual names to the individual users that are only visible to you.


The profile information can be revised at any time.

All profile photos are displayed pixelated and can only be viewed as soon as the person depicted has given their photo approval. For male members it should be noted that photos can only be approved with a premium membership.

Mobile view and app

Meet2Cheat has a mobile view. Unfortunately, there is no dating app for on the go yet.

7 7 out of 10 points

Target group and chances of success

Meet2Cheat is clearly aimed at women and men in permanent partnerships who are looking for erotic adventures. The ratio of women to men is fairly balanced at 42% to 58%.

Matching points & partner suggestions

The chances of success can also be increased using so-called matching points (MP). Meet2Cheat sets a value of 70 matching points for a particularly sparkling affair.

In addition, the Meet2Cheat user will be presented with various partner suggestions. The criteria for these partner proposals are one's own characteristics as well as sexual orientation and the character traits desired in the affair partner.

Contact options

The only contact option is to send messages. This function can be found somewhat hidden under the small link "Menu".

When exchanging messages, please note that women can write to other members directly. However, men need a premium membership for this.

8 8 out of 10 points

Customer service

The FAQs on the extra "Help" page contain the most frequently asked questions sorted by topic. This includes questions about membership, usability, security and profile design.

Anyone who still has unanswered questions can contact customer service. However, Meet2Cheat does not communicate a customer service number and does not offer a contact form. Individual inquiries can only be made to customer service in the member area under the menu item "Help". Meet2Cheat justifies this as follows: "This is the only way we can guarantee the unique identification of a member!"

Guide and glossary

Meet2Cheat offers its members its own advice area in which there are four subject areas:

  • Reasons for an affair
  • Tips for finding fling
  • Tips for a successful affair
  • How the affair stays a secret

Under the respective subject areas there are fold-out menus with further sub-items, each of which is examined in more detail in a section.

In addition, there is a glossary on Meet2Cheat in which all terms relating to casual dating are clarified from A to Z.


Meet2Cheat is one of the world's oldest affair agencies and offers a coherent overall package. The platform is aimed at people in relationships who know exactly what they want.

The plus points are certainly the matching process, the quick registration and profile creation as well as the free account for women. In addition, Meet2Cheat offers its members a guide area and a glossary.

There are negative points in the area of ​​data security. There is currently no TUV SUD America certificate and for some points (such as the anonymous and secure exchange of messages especially for premium members) one wonders why these are not standard. In addition, the choice of different contact options is very limited. An app for finding a partner while on the move is not yet available.

Meet2Cheat advertises to be the "oldest, most renowned and largest dating agency on the Internet". However, if you look at the number of members of around 100,000 people in Germany, the choice of words "largest affair agency" is probably a bit over the top.

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